Control your body to improve your health


Control your body to improve your health

BlogSportPersonal trainingHow to Evaluate your Physical Form?: Control your body to improve your health

How to calculate your basal metabolism?
How to calculate your effort capacity?
How can we calculate the number of calories?
How can you calculate your BMI?
How can we know if we have a healthy diet?
“Too fatty  ” “Too sweet” “Too salty” … We are used to hearing these phrases every day
This is a phenomenon that manifests itself through government prevention advertising, store advertisements, as well as the many controls and regulations that have been created to limit the workforce of ill-intentioned entrepreneurs.
From oatmeal for breakfast, a quinoa salad at noon and a light soup in the afternoon; These are the biological weapons used today to combat malnutrition , obesity and diseases linked to a fatty diet.

As our grandmothers often say: how are you doing in health?

It is in this sense to evaluate our form it is essential to calculate the basal metabolism (that is, the energy our body needs to function), our body mass index –to fight against obesity- or to resume a physical and sports activity –performing tests of effort
So until the next changes come to our children’s lunchroom, let’s find out how we can take care of ourselves and those around us using some mathematical formulas.

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