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Definitions: boxing and equipment


Definitions: boxing and equipment

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What is boxing?: Definitions: boxing and equipment

Boxing, which is also called English boxing, is one of the sports of hand-to-hand combat. There are many boxing disciplines: Muay Thai, Chinese boxing, Burmese boxing, Khmer boxing, French boxing, American boxing, etc.
The types of boxing that use hands and feet are usually sports that existed since ancient times, and were later practiced by the military. Today, the international craze for such comprehensive sports continues to grow.
Boxing equipment
In order to strike in a boxing ring, a boxer must protect his body so as not to injure himself and, in turn, protect his opponent from bruises.
Each type of boxing has its own equipment. However, we find similar elements in each of them (boxing gloves, full-face helmet or not, mittens, gloves, bandages, mouth guards, shin guards, boxing boots and boxing shorts).

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