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Dos and Don’ts in a School Escort Ad


Dos and Don’ts in a School Escort Ad

You can offer some type of discount for large families.: Dos and Don’ts in a School Escort Ad

We continue, since we still have some things that you should take into account before you can start teaching your students pedagogical cards.
In a school support ad , there are things to do we just saw and things we shouldn’t do:
Errors of spelling : if it is not your forte, review your text. A teacher who makes spelling mistakes does not appear to be very serious, but rather gives the impression of sloppy work. We must do our best to be selected.
Propose an ad too short : forget the simple sentence “I teach tutoring classes” along with the fee and a phone number. They won’t know who they are dealing with, so there is very little chance that they will call us.
Writing an ad that is too long : Similarly, going overboard and telling our life story in a school support ad is of no interest. The bottom line is to focus on the essentials.
Underestimating or showing off : it is not easy to find the balance between selling yourself, showing your achievements and not overdoing yourself in flattery. Ask your family to share some of your qualities as a teacher and use them to add them to your ad.
From the beginning of your ad, be sure to show that you can solve any child’s problem.
In addition, a particular teacher must be versatile and must know how to adapt to all students, regardless of their difficulties. In your ad you can add some touches of humor to show that we are friendly and not at all pretentious.
Finally, don’t forget to mention the level of your target students: elementary school students, high school students, exam preparation students, unemployed, etc.
This will ensure that people who don’t match your ad don’t call you.

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