Essential information in a school support advertisement


Essential information in a school support advertisement

In your ad you must explain everything from scratch.: Essential information in a school support advertisement

If they had told you that to give private lessons at home, you would have to be a good salesperson, surely you would not have believed it.
However, working as a home school support teacher involves a series of stages: of course, the teacher, but also being a good salesperson, being a social media expert and a good editor.
Luckily, you have the help of Superprof who is here to guide you through the process of writing your ad.
Let’s start with the information that should not be missing in a school support announcement :
Training : former school teacher, master’s degree student, teaching methodology expert course … Parents need to know who they are leaving their children to and, therefore, be sure of the skills you have acquired during your training .
The methodology and content of the classes : again, this provides greater reliability to your acquired skills to prepare and teach. What are your goals? How do you work? … Take the opportunity to observe some qualities inherent to the profession of teaching assistant with homework and everything will be ready.
Experience : theory is only useful if you have been able to put it into practice. Feel free to talk about the number of students you’ve had, their grades, and their progress. The best thing is to get good comments from your students to use them in a detailed description or in a profile like the one on Superprof.
The price : of course, we end up talking about money. Before setting the fee, be sure to consider the geographic area, your experience, and the education level of your students. Compare your rate with that of the competition and adjust it based on the average rate.
A school support advertisement must be no more than one page long. Do not go overboard in counting more than necessary as your audience will tire of reading. Of course, try to be clear and concise, while providing as much information as possible that shows that you are the best support teacher.
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