Everything you need to know about boxing


Everything you need to know about boxing

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“When I am who I am, it is difficult to remain humble.” Mohamed Ali (1942-2016).
Mohamed Ali, a multiple-time heavyweight boxing world champion, elicits as much adulation and adoration as it is criticism.
Even today, the former English boxing world champion remains at the top of the list of boxing legends.
In addition to not having been defeated in the ring during his glory days, he also embodies a role model, since his intelligence was at the service of progress and human rights.
However, believing yourself to be God on Earth does not scare away death: this is the only downside to this boxing icon.
Like him, there is more: the great boxers of the 20th century, whether they are English, American (full contact), French, Thai or kickboxing boxing, have contributed greatly to the development and promotion of this sport among all combat sports, which has led it to become one of the most popular.
Athletes will train differently depending on their boxing equipment (gloves, mittens, bandages, dental protector, shin guards, shorts, boxing shoes, body protections, shell or helmet) and according to the part of the session (warm-up, training and stretching).
In this article, you will find everything related to the almost unknown universe of boxing.
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