Facebook dimensions for cover photo


Facebook dimensions for cover photo

Facebook dimensions for cover photo
Facebook dimensions for cover photo

Facebook dimensions for cover photo The Perfect Facebook cowl icon Size & Best Practices (2020 Update)


Facebook cowl photos square measure an ideal example of however social media promoting is completely different than simply regular social media usage. Nice an excellent good} personal cowl icon is something that we expect appearance great on profile; our business cowl photos ought to do rather more.

A Page’s Facebook cowl icon has to be branded and represent our business. It additionally should be high-quality and dead optimized for display; this implies knowing the proper Facebook cowl icon size.

This post goes to require a glance at the proper Facebook cowl icon size and best cowl icon practices to assist your pictures represent your business precisely however you wish.

Bonus: We’ve integrated Facebook’s cowl icon dimensions and safe zones into our graphic style tool. It’ll look excellent on mobile and desktop! Produce a Facebook cowl icon for free!

Facebook dimensions for cover photo Facebook cowl icon Dimensions

According to Facebook, your cowl icon displays at 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall on computers and 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall on smartphones.

This is a good place to begin, however after all it’s ne’er quite that easy. It’s difficult as a result of your Facebook cowl displays otherwise on mobile and desktop devices.

Therefore, we have a tendency to suggest victimization the scale 820 pox by 360px and to stay all text and graphics within the middle safe zone as per the specifications below:

Facebook dimensions for cover photo Cover Photos on Desktop vs. Mobile

When coming up with your Facebook cowl icon, you wish to take care as a result of the quilt image is displayed otherwise on mobile and desktop. Although, coming up with safe zones in mind can get you a Facebook cowl icon which will show properly on each device.


Fortunately, Facebook doesn’t stretch and warp a picture to suit a particular dimension; it crops it mechanically instead. On a mobile device, your Facebook cowl icon can appear the perimeters, whereas showing a lot of the quilt photo’s height.


Alternatively on a desktop device, Facebook displays a lot of your cowl photo’s dimension whereas cropping the highest and bottom.

With all that being same, we have a tendency to suggest victimization the Facebook cowl icon size of 820 pixels by 360 pixels and coming up with inside the safe zones. This may make sure that none of the essential elements of your cowl icon are becoming stop on mobile devices or on desktop.

Facebook dimensions for cover photo How to produce a Facebook cowl icon with Snapper

If you’re able to produce a Facebook cowl icon, our powerful and easy-to-use graphics builder has created this method unbelievably easy. Here’s a bit-by-bit video showing you the way to make a Facebook cowl icon with the correct size victimization Snapper.


Here square measure some screenshots to assist walk you thru the entire method. You’ll select the Facebook cowl icon pre-set for associate degree automatic excellent cowl icon size.


Once you’ve designated this feature, you’ll choose between one among our pre-made Facebook cowl templates (which is absolutely customizable) or produce a canopy icon from scratch.


Even if you utilize an example, you’ll transfer your own image or choose between our libraries of pictures. Add text, graphics, shapes, and effects to any a part of the image. All of those add-ons is dragged and born easily; you’ll outline the opacity of every, and select what layer you wish them to indicate up in.


You’ll notice that we have a tendency to additionally embrace associate degree overlay showing the mobile and desktop solely zones of your Facebook cowl therefore you’ll ne’er got to worry concerning text and graphics obtaining stop.

What ought to My Facebook cowl icon be?

Aside from selecting one thing that’s each prime quality and relevant to our business, it is troublesome to understand precisely what your cowl icon ought to feature. That depends entirely on you, your business, and what you think your target market are going to be most receptive to.

Some nice concepts to be used cases of canopy photos include:

  • Use your cowl icon drive sales or lead generation. I feel terribly powerfully than the “social” ought to precede “marketing” in social media promoting, however that doesn’t mean that there’s no area to push your business. A canopy icon designed to drive sales or leads, combined with a relevant CTA Page button, will get you a lot of results while not tons of additional work on your half.


  • Feature UGC. User generated content is one among the foremost powerful promoting tools at your disposal; victimization this authentic style of content in your cowl icon will go a protracted manner in rapport and loyalty building.
  • Advertise future events. If you have got a free webinar, a conference, or perhaps a social contest that’s developing presently, don’t be afraid to feature it in your Facebook cowl icon. It’s good thanks to let new users comprehend it at once


  • Demonstrate product options & advantages. This will tie into sales, however showcasing product advantages may forthwith set you except for the competition.


  • Show off your store. If you happen to possess a front or associate degree workplace house wherever you’re placed, it will create a beautiful icon and increase traffic.
  • Feature team members & workers. Worker generated content (EGC) is even as valuable as UGC, and that includes real workers in your cowl icon will change your business and show the important individuals behind it.

Facebook cowl icon Mistakes to Avoid

While you’ll select any range of pictures for your Page’s cowl icon, there square measure a couple of practices you must be from. Sure mistakes can trim back from your Page, and should even trim back from however new users understand your business.

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