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FAKHAR ZAMAN complete information


FAKHAR ZAMAN complete information

FAKHAR ZAMAN complete information
FAKHAR ZAMAN complete information

Role: Pakistani cricketer

Full name: Fakhar Zaman

Nick name: Fakhar

Date of birth: April 10, 1990

Age: 28 years 247 days

Birth place: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Height in feet inches: 5 feet 9 inches

Height in cm and m: 1.8m

Weight in kg: 66 kg

Religion: Islam

Style of bowling: Left arm orthodox

Style of batting: Left handed

Role opening: Batsman

Name of son: Zain Fakhar

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Black

Language: Urdu

Favorite: Animals cat

FAKHAR ZAMAN complete information HISTORY:

Fakhar Zaman was born in Katlin Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in April 10, 1990. He was a Muslim and his religious is Islam. The age of Fakhar Zaman is 27 years. The father name is Fair Gul. His father worked in wild life of animals’ protection agency. His father is very honest, pious, and hardworking man. Fakhar Zaman could not continue study due to some financial problems. He was stopped a study after matric and apply for job in navy. But he was love with sport. After navy he was entered in cricket. He loves playing cricket from his childhood. His father feels proud on Fakhar Zaman.

FAKHAR ZAMAN complete information INTRODUCTION:

The full name is Fakhar Zaman and his nick name is Zaman. The brother name is Asif Zain. But his sister name is not show because they cannot feel better. The Fakhar Zaman is best cricketer of Pakistan. They play cricket for Pakistan. Pakistan also feels proud on Fakhar Zaman because Fakhar Zaman is a part of Pakistani team. The Fakhar Zaman not feel ok with family because they love cricket therefore they spend most of time in sports playing during in free time. They also involve trouble when he was coming late in house. Fakhar Zaman live in Kat land, Khyber Paktuhkhan, the district is Madan in Pakistan. He was a right handed cricketer. He was fast bowler and batsman. He mostly won the wickets as very soon. Their betting and bowling style is very different from other cricketers.

FAKHAR ZAMAN complete information EARLY CARRIER:

Cricketer is passion of Fakhar Zaman. He first plays in school during school time. During school time they play with tape ball with friends. In during childhood they play well than others children’s. After he was playing with hard ball. And with hard ball they won the match. The other child’s cannot play with Fakhar Zaman because the child’s say he was a fast hard bowler. I cannot play with us. Then after a sometime his passion of cricket is increase. Therefore they complete our passion after a great struggle. Now he was a cricketer of Pakistan team. And play well for team. He was also feeling happy and comfortable with our team. He was also enjoying with friends. In 2012 to 2015 his team is Karachi and in 2016 his team is Peshawar. In 2017 to 2018 his team is Lahore Qalandars. It is also an in 2017 to 2018 his team is Baluchistan. His domestic team is as fellow as

  • Karachi in year 2012 to 2015
  • Peshawar in year 2016
  • Lahore qalandars in years is 2017 to present
  • Baluchistan in years is 2017 to 2018

On 20 July 2018 he has good performance in any match with other teams and shows good behaviors with other countries members which play your teams. He became an international first batsman for Pakistan to score a hit number October, in 2018 he play with Australia for only test cap 234. On 7 June in 2017 he plays with South Africa in ODI debut of cap 212. On 11 November in 2018 he play with New Zealand in last ODI his shirt number is 39 which are best or lucky for career life. On 30 March 2017 he plays with West Indies in T20I debut cap 74. In T20I his shirt number is 39 which is best for your life. In any match team performance has improved due to discipline among the team members and show best behaviors with the other team members or other country members who come and play the match with Pakistani.

Awards 2018 which winners from PCB awards in Pakistan

  • Best players of Pakistan team in bowling are Fakhar. His performance is so good and he is a talent member of the Pakistani team.
  • Best player who win the man of the match
  • Best T20I player of the year is Babar Azzam. He get 489 runs, RS 0.6 million.
  • Best test player of the year is Muhammad Abbas, he is a best bowler in the world. He get 27 wickets, RS 0.6 million.
  • Best emerging player when any member of the team will be injure or bone will be facture in any case or other personal issues so Faheem Ashraf replace to the injure member of the team. He also show best playing in the match.
  • Best ODI player in the year of 2018 Hassan Ali, he is also a best bowler in this years. He get 33 wickets, RS 0.6 million.
  • Best player of the year in 2018 is Nihaar Allam. RS 0.5 million. He was disabling in this years.
  • Best player of the year 2018 is Amir Ashraf. He is a blind man and he gain Rs 0.5 million.


The height of Fakhar Zaman is 5 to 9 feet-inches and 1.75 meters. The size of biceps is 12 inches. The hair color is black and eyes color is black. The black color is naturally. He was looking most beautiful due to his body fitness. The joined gym for body fitness and going to walk in morning time for body health. Due to exercise the mind will become active and fresh. The body weight is 66 kilogram and 146 Ibis. The weight of body is will be changed during life time. But body weight will be maintained with diet foods.


In his family father mother and Grandmother and his brother and sister present. They live together with happy. He was a married. He was no girlfriend and no affairs. The Fakhar Zaman has one son. The son name is Zain Fakhar. The Fakhar Zaman love with son and spend mostly time with son. The family is happy when he won the champions trophy 2017. His family is very happy due to his successes in match. His wife is so beautiful.

FAKHAR ZAMAN complete information HOBBIES:

The hobbies of Fakhar Zaman are very well than other cricketer. He was not a boring person. The hobbies as

  • Watching television series in free time
  • Watch action and Bollywood films
  • Playing video games
  • Playing cricket with other cricketers
  • Listen songs of alia butt


The favorite actor of Fakhar Zaman is Salman khan. The Salman khan is Pakistani and Muslim. The Salman khan act different role in different films. The favorite films is Karan Arjun, kuccha kuccha hora hay, tree name etc. these are the popular film of Salman khan. The Fakhar Zaman watch of movies of Salman khan is in free time.


The favorite actress is Alia Bhatt. She was a Muslim. The voice of alia butt is very beautiful. When she was sing there voice touches the wall of hearts. The Fakhar Zaman like his voice and his songs. He was hear songs when he was tired and feel bore. But sometimes when happy mood he was listen romantic songs of Alia Bhatt.


The favorite food of Fakhar Zaman is chicken biryani and fast foods. He was like different dishes of chicken like chicken soup, chicken potato, chicken korma and some other dishes which chicken is involve.


The favorite color is green. The green color is a Pakistani color. The green color is present in flag of Pakistan. The dress of Pakistan team is also green. In green color he was looking so beautiful and handsome. The Fakhar Zaman is playing match in Pakistan he wear green tea shirt. On tea shirt the name is writing on back side of Fakhar Zaman. The tea shirt number is also available on back side of shirt.


The favorite music is Bollywood music. He was listen mostly boll wood music in free time. He was enjoying with Bollywood music.


The favorite’s athlete is Saeed Anwar. The Saeed Anwar also best guide of Fakhar Zaman. He was intelligent and cool minded person. The Saeed Anwar give most information to Fakhar Zaman of related for well playing crickets. The Saeed Anwar is Pakistani athlete. And he was a Muslim.


The favorite’s places are London, Paris, France. But in Pakistan his favorites place is Karachi and Islamabad.


The no facts occur in Fakhar Zaman. He takes no drinks like bear, Vicky, and other hard drinks that are harmful for health. And he was not involved in smoking. Because he said smoking is cheap fact for health. Smoking cause different diseases like as cancer, kidney problem and other diseases. Due to smoking lips become in dark brown form. Therefore the Fakhar Zaman don’t involve in this types fact because they love with our personality. They cannot spoil our personality with these facts.


The salary is $50,000.  He gives first salary of our mom. The mom becomes very happy of first earning of his son.

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