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Free school support associations


Free school support associations

Another option available to those who do not have many resources to dedicate to private classes are school support associations . There are many associations that were created in order to  help needy students and their families.
Sometimes parents don’t know how to help their kids with school and can’t help them with homework every day. Hence, many associations have decided to participate in  the learning of these disadvantaged children.
They generally do not make any profit and are free everywhere in Spain. Volunteers, who accompany the children in their homework or in their lessons, allow children from disadvantaged neighborhoods to be  given the same opportunities  as other children whose parents are more available to follow their school progress.

To find the ideal association for you, you can ask in the  social centers of your city .: Free school support associations

There are many volunteers who help the students.
The teachers who teach the classes are volunteers who have a strong desire to help others. They may have been teachers in the past, or students, or just parents.
There are many reasons to opt for school support in an association:
Study with passionate and selfless teachers (mostly volunteers),
Have time to review the lessons without any pressure ,
Deal with several school support teachers and not just one, to test various methodologies,
Being able to ask all the questions that come to mind.

There are associations throughout Spain, but here are some that are present in the main cities of the country:

In Madrid:
Mayas (Teachers and Solidarity Students)
Amis social insertion
Alacrán Association
In Barcelona:
Goodwill in Action
Friends of the Fourth World Movement
IRES Foundation
In Valencia:
Angel Tomás Solidarity Initiative Foundation
Family and youth support association “More than words”
In sevilla:
Association «As you are»
Breath Association

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