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How is the climate in the Asian country?


How is the climate in the Asian country?

The weather is a fundamental factor to take into account when we undertake a trip. We are lucky that the climate in Spain is quite temperate, so, yes, although there are areas where it is very hot and others where it snows a lot, adverse meteorological phenomena are not widespread in general.
The first thing to know is that China is a very large country, so obviously the type of climate changes from one area to another.
China has vast desert areas that are opposed to the regions of polar cold. In this section we will focus on what the climate is like in the most touristy areas of China.
In the area where the city of Beijing is located, the eastern central zone, the winters are quite cold and the summers hot and humid. Specifically, in Beijing winter is very cold (the average temperature in January is -3.5 ° C) and summer is hot and muggy, with an average temperature in July of 26.5 ° C.

A sunny day in the Forbidden City. Photo by Ling Tang,: How is the climate in the Asian country?

In the central zone of the country the climate is more temperate, with mild winters and long summers. In this area are the cities of Wuhan, Shanghai and Hangzhou.
In the city of Shanghai, the winter is quite cold (average temperature in January of 5 degrees) and the rains are quite frequent. Summer spans generously from June to September and is hot (August average temperature: 28 ° C) and muggy, with repeated heavy rains.
Southern China, where Guangzhou, Macao and Hong Kong meet, has a very mild climate in winter and summer is long and tropical in type. Rainfall is concentrated in summer, with frequent storms and torrential rain.
Therefore, the best times to visit China, although it depends on the area, are spring (April) and autumn (October). The days are longer in spring, but surely colder. It all also depends on your tolerance for the weather. Bringing a waterproof jacket or umbrella is a good idea, wherever you go.
On the other hand, if your trip is not going to be to the big tourist cities of China, carefully prepare the clothes you are going to wear. For the mountain areas, be prepared for the cold and do not skimp on layers of clothing.

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