How to become a personal trainer?


How to become a personal trainer?

In social networks, we think above all about Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook (and why not include YouTube as well …), fitness is today a success. Do you want to know how to be a personal trainer ?
The cult of the body may never have been as great as in our contemporary society. And social networks are there to remind us endlessly. They have created “fitness stars” known in Spain and some around the world.
It is in this context of “ultra-democratization” of fitness that you want to be a personal trainer. You may also have read Konbini’s article in which he evokes the business of fitness trainers / stars on Instagram who are no longer content to follow behind their smartphones, but teach in front of hundreds of fans. Like Estelle Archer, a fitness teacher, who, having reached 115,000 subscribers, has opened her own room at the request of fans. And these examples are massive today.

But before you get there, you will have to define your priorities: How to become a personal trainer?

Give sports classes at home?
In company?
In a gym?
Find one or more specialties,
Selling yourself on a website or tutor page …
It is also about being able to present professional training to your clients. Like a degree in sports and physical education for example, which you can obtain in college, with different specialization options.
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Personal trainer: how to find students?
But before jumping into the ring, it is likely that you have already thought about specific aspects.
What profile will your clients have?
What rate to request?
How do you organize a personal training class with people who want to find a coach?
But above all: how to find clients? How to get a clientele at the end of the day? The ones that will generate your salary month after month. What if you start by advertising yourself? Through the internet, the press, posters or other means, do not hesitate to indicate your rate, and above all, your specialties: weight loss, increase in muscle mass (arm, biceps, triceps, pectorals, back muscles) , cardio training, sports and diet, stretching, yoga, stretching, athletics (or jogging), flat stomach, abs …
Why try also to make clients at the university where you have studied? The potential and usefulness of the school-professional network should never be underestimated …
But to return to what we mentioned before, your main commercial and advertising supports will be: private teacher platforms such as Superprof, a personalized website, social networks and the YouTube channel.
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