How to change WhatsAppkeyboard


How to change WhatsAppkeyboard

We are going to explain how to change the WhatsAppkeyboard , so that if you don’t like which one is the one that appears, you can have alternatives to write differently. This is something that advanced users already master, but that those who are taking their first steps in this application might still find it confusing. Do not worry, because it is something very easy to do.

But before we start, the first thing you should know is that the keyboard does not depend on WhatsApp . By this, I mean that the keyboard you use is the same in all the apps on your mobile. Therefore, what you are going to learn today is really to change the keyboard that your mobile uses , so that these changes are applied to WhatsApp.

When you download a third-party keyboard, its configuration process includes the step of setting it as the default keyboard. Therefore, there you will not need help. We will focus on how to change the keyboard at any time , choosing the ones you already have installed, both on Android and iOS.

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The first step is choosing your new keyboard: How to change WhatsAppkeyboard

Before changing the keyboard, you must decide which one to use. You have a large collection of mobile keyboards available, both for Android and your iPhone, so the choice depends a bit on the features you are using. If you do not have much knowledge, the safest thing is to always opt for the most popular and robust keyboards , which always tend to have large companies behind, but you also have other alternatives for when you feel like an explorer.

As for the best known and most reliable, these are above all two . On the one hand there is Swiftkey , one of the fathers of third-party keyboards, and now owned by Microsoft. Then you have GBoard , Google’s keyboard with its integrated services.

Another thing you may know is that you can change the keyboard as many times as you want . This means that if you want you can try a keyboard, and even make it coexist as an alternative with the main one, changing later whenever you want. But you can also delete a keyboard that does not convince you and return to the one before.

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Change keyboard on Android: How to change WhatsAppkeyboard

To change the keyboard in Android, which is what the changes will be applied to in WhatsApp, you have to enter the settings of your device. Once inside the settings, enter the System section , which is where you will make important changes to the operating system.

Within the System section you will see several sections. In them, click on the Languages ​​and text input section , which is where you will configure the keyboard.

Within Languages ​​and text input , now you have to click on the On-screen keyboard option . In the event that your Android interface is different due to the manufacturer’s customization layer, you can always use the settings search engine to search for Keyboard .

You will enter a screen in which you will be shown a list of all the keyboards that you have downloaded and installed. In it, what you have to do is click on the option Manage on-screen keyboards , or the one with a similar name.

This will take you to a screen where you will see a list of keyboards and methods for typing with your mobile. In it, you can activate or deactivate the keyboards you want to use or the ones you don’t want. You can have more than one activated without problems in case you want to toggle.

And then, when you are typing, you will have a button to change the keyboard that Android will show you, and that is usually at the bottom. In addition, some keyboards like Gboard also allow you to switch languages, including a button that you can press and hold to choose keyboard.

Change keyboard in iOS: How to change WhatsAppkeyboard

To change the keyboard in iOS, which is what the changes will be applied to in WhatsApp, you have to enter the settings of your device. Once inside the settings, enter the General section to see the main configuration options.

Once you have entered the General section , you will see several sections divided into blocks. In them, click on the Keyboard section that appears in the fourth block.

You will enter a screen with different settings, many of them for all keyboards. Here, what you must do is click on the Keyboards section , which is the one that appears at the top next to the number of keyboards you have installed.

You will enter a screen with your list of keyboards, where you will see an Edit button to delete the ones you don’t want and sort them. The order in which you put them is important , because later you can alternate them in that order. If you click on the name of the keyboard, you will go to its configuration.

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Now, once you have one or more keyboards configured, go to WhatsApp or any other application and open the keyboard. In it, you can press the icon of the sphere below to switch between the languages ​​and keyboards that you have configured.


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