How to choose your English boxing equipment?


How to choose your English boxing equipment?

In English boxing, also called the noble art, blows are delivered to the face and chest, never below the waist, and kicking is prohibited. The equipment for practicing English boxing is therefore less than that of French boxing, since the use of shin guards is not essential.
How to choose your boxing equipment? Manual.
As with all combat sports, you need to buy a pair of gloves  (with foam padding for good protection), mittens , a boxing helmet, a shell, a mouth guard, and a pair of boxing boots.
Mandatory in combat, gloves are also required during training to hit punching bags, bear paws, or a PAO shield. They are chosen according to the weight of the boxer and their size is represented in ounces or oz (one ounce equals 28.3495 grams): from 6 oz to 18 oz.
To preserve the durability of the gloves, it is also necessary to wrap the hands with mittens , which will serve the dual purpose of allowing air to circulate for good perspiration and protecting the phalanges and pasterns.
Bumps to the face can be violent, so choose a good helmet . The choice depends mainly on its size and the internal padding, the fit of the chin guard and the visibility it offers.
In addition, it is important to have a mouth guard to avoid clicking the teeth, or piercing the tongue, when receiving an uppercut or hook in the jaw.
Finally, since boxing is a sport where you constantly jump on supports, a good pair of boxing boots with soft soles and good ankle support is required.

To choose your boxing equipment, ask yourself this series of questions: How to choose your English boxing equipment?

What is my budget?
What is my level of practice?
What is my goal: initiation, boxing training, combat?
How often will I go to the boxing gym?
What additional protection does this or that product offer me?
Which item best suits my tastes?
You will have to have between € 50 and € 100 for basic items, around € 250 for intermediate-quality boxing equipment and around € 400 for high-quality equipment.
Domyos products at € 30 are not of the same quality as Venum, Fairtex or Everlast items at a professional level at € 150.

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