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How to find a personal trainer


How to find a personal trainer

This first stage is the most important. You have to choose a good coach, who has good recommendations and opinions , with whom you understand well, so that you can carry out a long-term job, in complete safety and with complete confidence.
First of all, decide  what type of sports teacher best suits you: gym coach, at home, team coach, online …
Check that you have an official qualification and that you have a professional sports teacher card. If you choose a coach at home, he must be registered, since he exercises an activity on his own.
Propose him a first appointment in which you can see if he is a true professional, in terms of his physique, without a doubt, but also for his ability to carry out a complete evaluation, taking into account your needs. Listen to it, observe it and take note of everything. Consider if there is a good  feeling between the two, it will be essential for confidence.
When you have chosen, your first session can begin. At the end of your first class, discuss your impressions with the coach so that they can re-adapt the activities if necessary.
Chris Powell, star personal trainer in the US, has his own TV broadcast “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss.”
A good sports teacher has to be, above all, a  pedagogue, always ready to listen to you, be understanding and never lose patience. It’s there to motivate you when you’re about to throw in the towel and help you achieve your goals, even in tough times. If you find these qualities in your coach, the bet is almost won! How to find a personal trainer

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