How to get around Marrakech?

Visiting the city of Marrakech also involves going through the Medina neighborhood. There are many places that are worth visiting many places, although some are miles away. So, what means of Moroccan transport can you use to get around?

Put on some good shoes to visit the city.: How to get around Marrakech?

The most common way to get around Marrakech is with a taxi. The small beige taxis of Marrakech make small races in the city center and its surroundings for a price of between € 2 and € 3 , or a little more depending on the distance.
To make sure you pay the correct fare, it is essential to ask the taxi driver to turn on the meter as soon as you get on . If he refuses, you can refuse to get into the taxi or tell him that you are going to the Tourism Brigade, you will see how quickly everything is resolved.
Taking a taxi to visit Marrakech is the most economical and efficient form of transportation. On the other hand, in a neighborhood like the Medina, where it is forbidden to circulate with cars, it is mandatory to continue the visit on foot . Although there is no actual map of the Medina, tourists find their way by asking merchants who know the area well.
To visit the Medina, it is also possible to rent a bicycle or use a Tuk-Tuk. Two quite original ways to discover the neighborhood.
In the rest of the city, it is also possible to travel in one of the carriages. They cost about € 10 per hour and allow tourists to visit the city of Marrakech in a different way while enjoying the beauty of the landscapes or the city in a relaxed way.
Avoid renting a vehicle yourself . Driving in Marrakech is quite complicated, it is better to avoid any accident during the holidays. On the other hand, if you feel like driving abroad, you can rent a car to leave Marrakech and visit the surroundings of the city.

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