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How to get marketplace on Facebook


How to get marketplace on Facebook


‘Why do not I actually have Facebook Marketplace?’: a way to access Facebook Marketplace to shop for and sell things in your space


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If you do not have Facebook Marketplace promptly out there on your Facebook account, you’ll attempt to get access thereto in an exceedingly few alternative ways. Reuters

How to get marketplace on Facebook How to do everything school banner

You may not have Facebook Marketplace for variety of reasons – if, for instance, it’s not out there in your region, you do not meet the age necessities, otherwise you recently joined Facebook.

Facebook Marketplace may be a feature on the social media web site accustomed trade, buy, or sell things like furnishings, physics, and vehicles with locals in your region.

If you do not have Facebook Marketplace, there square measure variety of the way you’ll attempt to gain access thereto.


Marketplace offers users every kind of things, whether or not it’s furnishings for your home, an automotive for your drive, or Associate in nursing actual piece of property on the market to buy. Plus, victimization it’s a breeze.


But not each user has access to , which may be frustrating and lead one to surprise why they’re missing out on the newest shopper trend.

How to get marketplace on Facebook Why you’ll not have access to Facebook Marketplace

If you do not have Marketplace, there is also variety of reasons why it’s not occurrence on your Facebook.


You’re not in an exceedingly region wherever Marketplace is accessible


If your profile region is ready to a rustic wherever isn’t out there nonetheless, you’ll not see the icon (looks sort of a shop front) on the is app, or the marker on the left-hand menu on desktop.


To find a listing of states wherever Marketplace is accessible, visit Facebook’s Marketplace directory.


You’re not a minimum of eighteen years recent

is just out there to users United Nations agency square measure eighteen years and older.

You’re new Facebook

New users usually don’t seem to be given access to directly.


This is as a result of Facebook needs to chop down on potential scammers, United Nations agency oftentimes delete and recreate profiles to sell invented things once they have been illegal.


You don’t use Marketplace enough for the icon to seem

Facebook uses algorithms for its menus, that means the teams, pages, or apps you utilize at intervals the location usually seem to a higher place on the left-hand menu bar on desktop and on the menu accessed by sound the 3 horizontal lines at very cheap right of the is app.


Marketplace 1

is often found on the left-hand menu on desktop. Meir Gebel/Business executive

If you utilize occasionally, likelihood is it’s going to are replaced with another feature you utilize a lot of usually, and you will not see it directly on the menu.

You may have listed one thing that goes against Facebook’s policy

To see if you’ll have listed one thing that went against community policy, review policies. Then move to > Request Review.


How to access  if you do not have it

However, there square measure a number of ways in which to undertake and access Marketplace if it’s not occurrence.


If you cannot see the Marketplace icon in your home menu

If you are eighteen years or older, and living in an exceedingly region wherever is accessible, you’ll go on to it by typewriting into your browser.


Visit Marketplace oftentimes enough and it’ll begin to seem within the crosscut menu on your desktop and is device.

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