How to learn Arabic on your own

Do you want to learn Arabic, but you don’t like private lessons? You can get from a self – taught , but it will be a difficult task.
Riding towards learning Arabic by yourself is not easy at all.
The famous saying “Rome was not built in a day” prevails for the study of the Arabic language: it will take time, around two years of classes, to develop an understanding of the Arabic language on your own.
However, it is easy to acquire some basic concepts. For example, with six months of study, you will be able to have a basic level: learn to read the Arabic alphabet, begin to write (modern standard Arabic) and assimilate new vocabulary.
If you want to learn Arabic by yourself, we give you the following advice: repeat, pound, emphasize, say aloud letters of the alphabet, vocabulary words, etc.
Don’t worry, Arabic grammar is much simpler than that of the Romance languages. What is difficult is the pronunciation of the guttural consonants, but with practice it is achieved.
Start by:

learn the alphabet by heart:
Do you want to learn Arabic, but you don’t like private lessons? You can get from a self –

forget about the grammar of Romance languages
make mnemonics for review
By learning Arabic by yourself, you won’t have anyone to correct your mistakes. Hence the need for the beginner class materials. But not only that: now that we are in the era of Web 2.0, there is everything on the Internet, including everything you need to learn the Arabic language.
This is what you can do:
Buy method books to discover the language and its alphabet step by step:
-Al-birka , manual for learning to write in Arabic (José David Aguilar Cobos, Alejandro García Castillo and Sergio Palas Sánchez)
-Alatul! Initiation to the Arabic language (Victoria Aguilar)
-Practical Arabic grammar (Joana Hernández Martínez)
-Al-yadual A2, Arabic Language – Student’s book pack, exercise book and an audio CD (José David Aguilar Cobos, Alejandro García Castillo and Miguel Ángel Peña Agüeros)
-The Effortless Arabic (Assimil)
-Arabic for foreigners: reading texts (Hesham Abu-Sharar)
Watch videos and tutorials for beginners on the Internet (YouTube, Dailymotion, Assimil Method, web pages, etc.)
Do a cultural immersion in an Arab country, but keep in mind that to advance in speaking, you have to know the Arabic alphabet and its pronunciation.

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