How to learn German easily

Goethe’s language is often said to be a difficult language to learn. However, you want to learn German easily at all costs. Keep in mind that to learn it quickly, a language must be learned with gusto, so do your best to have fun while learning and find the methods that have a playful side.
Many German academies offer group classes , suitable for all ages and all levels. This way you will not feel alone in your learning and you will meet other students.
In addition, they also often organize promotional activities for the German language and its culture. Participating in these activities will allow you to chat with native Germans. Besides communicating, laughing and sharing, it’s a great way to learn German for free!

How to learn German at home: How to learn German easily

If you want to improve your German skills, you can easily do it at home. How can you learn German on your own ?
First of all, there are many  books to learn German  that will help you improve on your own without having to take classes. Choose the ones that suit your level!
Also buy a German-Spanish dictionary to look up the meaning of a word when you don’t know it. They usually include  cards with conjugations, grammar or vocabulary.
How to discover Goethe’s language at home.
Thanks to the Internet, you can also  advance in German from the couch.  You will find many websites and applications (free or paid) dedicated to learning German. In addition, you can use YouTube to watch videos and tutorials for the language.
You can also watch  German movies,  listen to German music, watch series in original version … All media are good for learning on your own while having fun.
Finally, you can also put your Facebook and Twitter profiles, your mobile and your computer in German.
Remember that it is better to study or practice a little every day than to do it for hours a day and not practice again for several days. To  stay focused,  opt for short but regular study sessions.

How to learn German with your tablet

New technologies are part of our daily life. If you have an iPad-type tablet, keep in mind that there are many applications to  improve your German with your tablet  and take German courses online .
For example, with the Busuu app (the largest learning network on the Internet) you can read, do exercises and listen to German with your tablet . This application is the only one that  offers interaction with native Germans. What better way to practice than by communicating with native speakers?
There are many applications for learning German. Which one do you prefer?
Babbel is a very intuitive application that allows you to  learn German in a fun way.  Adapted to the level of each one and using many images, this application will make you enjoy and improve your skills.
Thought out in the same way as a video game, Duolinguo brings you lives as you go. Are you one of those who spend hours in front of the screen without learning anything and want to solve it? Duolinguo is your ideal application!
You can also  download other applications such  as MosaLingua, Semper or

DeutschAkademie. Each one has its peculiarities: playful, complete, original?

You choose how to improve your German! Remember that the most important thing is to  have fun: this  way you will get results!

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