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How to organize a yoga session for men?


How to organize a yoga session for men?

Yoga for beginners and yoga for experts develop in the same way.
Signing up for a yoga workshop will also let you know how to organize a yoga session for men . A yoga session is divided into a series of parts that only vary in content.
Generally speaking, a class is divided into three phases: warm-up, posture practice, and cool down.
The warm-up is where, in a very logical way, we try to relax the spine, the muscles of the limbs and the body in general through gentle stretching exercises. Regardless of whether you practice dynamic yoga or Hatha-yoga, warm-ups are a necessary part of good yogic practice and prevent injuries during sequences, whether you are a beginner or not!
The practice : at this time, we enter yoga itself. The asana sequences are reproduced, according to the chosen yoga modality, and with the support of a yoga teacher as a guide. In order to? Stretch, better understand your body, tone and enjoy all the other benefits of yoga.
The cool down , or relaxation, that gives full meaning to the heart of the yoga session. This is all about relaxing, thanks to some small and simple relaxation and meditation exercises. On the yoga mat and with a zen state of mind, yoga is a discipline that, whether you are a man or a woman, acquires all its meaning at this moment.

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