How to take photos that move on Facebook


How to take photos that move on Facebook

How to take photos that move on Facebook
How to take photos that move on Facebook

For a couple of years, Facebook implemented Live Photo, an exclusive Apple functionality.

It is a video that is played on contact with the touch of the screens. At first only available for iOS but later enabled for any Sensitive Touch. Let’s review how to take moving photos on Facebook:

This technology consists in that if you press hard, a different response is generated than if you press soft on the touchscreen of your device.

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The Live Photo format is exclusive to Apple and therefore only these devices can store it.


Once this is clarified, we go with the tutorial and without further ado, let’s learn How to take photos that move on Facebook.

How to take photos that move on Facebook: How to take photos that move on Facebook

Prepare your video

Use Premiere, Final cut, or Sony Vegas. I personally like Final Cut .

The size of the video should be 956 PX. wide by 1187 PX. High: How to take photos that move on Facebook

Try to implement a “hold down” legend to your video and a footprint sign in the central area of ​​the video.

How to make moving photos on Facebook

I recommend that it last no more than 20 seconds, it is tedious for many people to hold the finger for a long time. As a suggestion, put a fade effect on the “hold” prompt to give the feeling of interaction.

Save it and transfer it to Mobile: How to take photos that move on Facebook

This part is important, as we already said, you need an Apple computer, be it an IPad, I Phone or I Pod.

To transfer your video to mobile:

1 Connect it via USB and use iTunes to load it into the gallery.

2 Upload it to your cloud and download it from your device

Save it to your cloud Download it from your cloud app to your smartphone

3 Send it by WhatsApp, mail, Messenger or Telegram from your computer so that you can view it on your cell phone and download it (check video at the end)

Once you save it to your gallery use the Into Live Pro application  .

Open the application and select the video

It also allows you to put filters or effects, but in this example we will leave it as is and we will convert it.

Once the conversion process is finished you do not need to do anything else, the video is already in your gallery

Save the converted live in your gallery.


Publish it!

Open the Facebook application and enter your Fan page, remember that this format works only on pages. Live photos in personal profiles work only taken directly from the camera, so this tutorial is for Fan page.

Do not upload it through the Pages App, Creators or a content programmer, it must be directly from the original Facebook app.

Post it on your page. How to take photos that move on Facebook

When uploading it, the LIVE function is deactivated by default, activate it. You will notice because it has a diagonal line over the live symbol. Once activated publish it and that’s it.


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