How to use Zoom correctly during online classes?


How to use Zoom correctly during online classes?

To get started, you must first download Zoom . To download it to your computer, you have to go to the Zoom site, click “download” and then run the file. If you want to install Zoom on your mobile, go to the Apple Store or Google Play to download the free application.
Once downloaded, you will have to create an account . Then you have to decide whether you want to use the free account or pay for a subscription.
And you only have to start a class by videoconference . To do this, simply press the “Schedule a new meeting” button and choose the date and time of the meeting. Then copy and paste the meeting invitation to send it to the person concerned. You can also activate a meeting directly.
Organize your office to be more comfortable during your online classes.
As a guest, you may need to enter a password  to join the meeting. In that case, you will have to ask the creator of the meeting, that is, the teacher.

To get the most out of Zoom during online classes, here are some shortcuts:

Alt + M (Cmd + M on Mac): mute / restore sound for all participants.
Alt + V: start or stop the video.
Alt + S: start or stop screen sharing.
Alt + R: start or stop local recording.
Alt + F: switch to full screen.
Alt + Q: end the meeting.
Alt + L: switch to portrait or landscape mode.
Alt + Shift + T: screenshot.
Also, if you can, feel free to use two screens for your online classes. In fact, Zoom allows you to separate the call into two screens: one to see who you are talking to and the other to see the shared screen or the interactive whiteboard.
If these are group classes, remember to  mute your microphone  when you are not speaking to avoid unwanted noise.
Finally, as we have mentioned, you can also use virtual funds  to hide what you have behind. An image will emerge behind you: beach and sun, mountains, countryside … You choose the environment. Smart, right? How to use Zoom correctly during online classes?

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