Is Facebook shutting down?


Is Facebook shutting down?

Is Facebook shutting down?
Is Facebook shutting down?

Is Facebook shutting down? Stop and assume people!

Is Facebook motion down on March fifteen, just like the Weekly World News says it will? Will Mark Zuckerberg simply need his life back? In IT Blog watch, rant bloggers browse the reading matter at the Safeway checkout.

Your humble blog watcher curated these boggy bits for your diversion. To not mention Google Demo Slam: Epic Docs Animation…

Is Facebook shutting down? J.B. Smits clones a dinosaur!

? Facebook has gotten out of management, Same Zuckerberg. … ?The stress of managing this company has ruined my life. … [He] went on to clarify that beginning March fifteenth; users cannot be ready to access their Facebook accounts. Zuckerberg same that the choice to stop working Facebook was troublesome, however that he doesn’t assume individuals are upset.

Some Facebook users were furious upon hearing the surprising news. … However, oldsters across the country are experiencing an extended anticipated sense of relief. … Zuckerberg remains unruffled … [and] says he can stand by his call to present Facebook the axe. ? I don’t care regarding the money … I simply need my recent life back.


Is Facebook shutting down? Sharon Gaudi dispels that tabloid report:

The rumors unfold when Weekly World News, best familiar for stories regarding UFOs, aliens and therefore the like, printed a story over the weekend speech that Facebook chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg … was shuttering the corporate as a result of it had become too nerve-racking for him.

“It’s laborious to believe that anyone would take this seriously,” same Dan Olds, associate degree analyst at archangel consulting cluster.


Jennifer Valentino-Devise calls it a “tabloid hoax”:


Of all the media comments Facebook has had to present over the past year, this can be most likely the foremost ridiculous. … The Weekly World News [is] the tabloid noted for? Bat Boy? … Primarily just like the Onion, solely nearly as funny.


Allie melodist asks, once can we tend to learn?

[It] sent the collective internet psyche into a volute panic. … I even have to admire the comedy within the story.

There have been no stopping social media hoaxes as these days. Twitter deaths art thus rampant they are killing a minimum of a star or 2 every week. … Raven Symone, Eddie white potato, Owen Wilson and even Adam Sandler have all been [recent] targets of the death tweet rumor mill. … This culture of? I’ll believe something you tweet? Is growing progressively worrisome. … a small amount of diligent Goggling goes an extended approach, folks.

Hopefully, ensuing time somebody cries? OMG Celebrity Death!?

We’ll deliberate before senselessly retreating.


And Graham Culled likens it to spam:

And though a hoax is nothing like as dangerous as a bit of malware worming its approach between users and stealing data, it’s still a nuisance, preventative up communications, increasing the general level of spam and maybe leading individuals to form choices for the incorrect reasons.

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