Is German a difficult language?

German is often said to be difficult to learn . It is a very widespread idea. But do you know what stereotypes are for? To break them!
Do not be discouraged because they tell you that  the German vocabulary  is complicated, that the grammar is difficult, that the declensions cannot be tolerated … Let the bad languages ​​speak and keep in mind that anyone can learn to speak German, have the how old you are.
Also, if you know English, you will be delighted to know that German and English have many similarities! According to a study by an American linguist, the two languages ​​have about 60% lexical similarities.
We can see these similarities very easily. For example, the word for school in English is school and in German it is Schule ; Summer is summer in English and in German it is sommer . The resemblance is striking, right? These similarities are due to the fact that both languages ​​belong to  the Germanic language family.
When you start taking German classes to improve your level, one of the lessons you fear the most is that of declensions . As they do not exist in Spanish, it is normal that at first they are a bit scary.
It is true that German, like Latin, is a language that is declined , but while Latin has seven, German (only) has four. Those who have studied Latin in high school will have it easier. Not your case? Do not worry! You just have to make summary cards and practice with exercises.
On the other hand,  German is a phonetic language , which means that it is written as it is pronounced. Admittedly, this is good news and a  good reason to start studying German.
Finally,  your German teacher will  surely remind you that conjugation is not complicated. Unlike Spanish, you can express yourself without problems in German if you only know the present, the future and the past. Is German a difficult language?

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