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Male voices

In the case of men, we also differentiate four types of voice . The differences occur between the larynx and the vocal cords, which will determine which vocal techniques they should adopt with respect to singing.
The Spanish baritone singer Simón Orfila. Photo from the Ibiza Newspaper.

Countertenor or alto: Male voices

The highest type of voice, it slightly resembles falsetto.
A rather high-pitched male voice. As well as the highest voice of the feminine ones, the soprano, it has a vocal range from A3 to Sol6; on a piano keyboard the tenor tone would go from B2 to E5. In the same way, within this type of voice there are several subtypes:
Light tenor: with a higher register but with less body.
Tenor buffo : it is a tenor voice that does not stand out.
Lyrical tenor : they have more volume than the light one, but not as much sharpness.
Spinto lyrical tenor : a voice with energy and momentum.
Dramatic Tenor – Lower and brighter tone, ideal for dramatic roles.

Baritone: Male voices

A moderately deep voice, the most common among men . These voices are not capable of executing works with too many vocal turns, but they do reach lower and darker notes, where the tenors do not reach; and to those bright highs that can’t reach the bass.

The types of baritone voice that we find are:

Light Baritone – A voice with powerful highs but weak lows.
Baritone Martín : this voice owes its name to the French singer Jean-Blaise Martín, who had tenor and baritone characteristics.
Verdian Baritone : those powerful voices that dominate the highs. They are the voices that characterized Verdi’s operas.
Baritone buffo : is a light baritone voice when he plays a comic character.
Dramatic Baritone : It stands out for its bass and perfect baritone tessitura.
Baritetenor: this type of voice reaches the low registers reached by a tenor although it is not capable of reaching the treble.
Bass-Baritone : A voice that combines bass and baritone characteristics. It reaches bright highs but with lower tones.


The deepest voice of all, both male and female (therefore it is lower than that of the contraltos). It is a record with a lot of depth and darkness. There are several types of bass :
Deep bass or noble bass : it presents a lot of power in the bass and an excellent command of the treble.
Bass buffo : a bass voice that stands out for its comic performance.
Bass caratère : deep voice with a light timbre. It is only found in French opera.
Lyrical bass : it stands out for its volume of voice and good timbre.
Light bass or singing bass : dominates the treble area.
Bass Hoher : It is a deep and short voice. It is characteristic of German opera.
Bass-baritone : it is a voice capable of projecting itself as a bass and as a baritone.

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