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Manager FACEBOOK The Complete Guide to Facebook Ads Manager: the way to produce, Manage, Analyze Your Facebook Ads

Ninety-one % of marketers invested with in Facebook advertising last year. And it’s straightforward to know why after you inspect the data: quite one.4 billion folks use Facebook daily, and on the average, every person spends quite fifty minutes daily across Facebook, Messenger, and Integra.

That’s heaps of attention!  That the question becomes …

Manager FACEBOOK How do marketers produce, manage and analyze their Facebook ads?

The short answer is Facebook Ads Manager.

However, Facebook Ads Manager will look daunting at a primary look. However concern not, once you get below the surface Ads Manager is a tremendous tool, giving everything you wish to optimize your ads and deliver no-hit campaigns.

In this post, we’ll share everything you wish to grasp to induce acquainted with Facebook Ads Manager, as well as the way to manage and analyze your Facebook ads, and build in-depth ad reports your team can love.

Manager FACEBOOK Let’s jump in.

Manager FACEBOOK How to Navigate This Guide

This guide is lessened into 5 main chapters. Be happy to skip to the chapter that’s most relevant to your wants.

Chapter 1: obtaining started: All you wish to induce up and running with the Facebook Ads Manager dashboard.

Chapter 2: making and piece of writing Facebook ads: the way to produce and edit Facebook ads victimization Facebook Ads Manager.

Chapter 3: Facebook Ads Reporting: the way to notice specific campaigns, ad sets, or ads and also the relevant information for your reportage.

Chapter 4: Understanding the performance every of every} Facebook ad: the way to take an additional in-depth inspect each of your campaign, ad set, or ad and conclude however every of them playing.

Chapter 5: different helpful options and relevant resources: a short inspect many different nice options for Facebook advertising and a listing of resources on Facebook advertising.

Chapter 1:

Where to seek out Facebook Ads Manager

To get to your Facebook Ads Manager, you’ll head to the left sidebar and click on the “Ad center” drop-down arrow of any Facebook page, select “All Ads” from the drop-down (or you’ll use the Facebook Ads Manager mobile app, that we are going to mention below), and click on “Ads Manager” at all-time low of the page (shown within the screenshot below).


You will be delivered to your Facebook Ad Accounts page wherever there’ll be a fast summary of your ad account(s). If you’ve got access to quite one ad account, here’s wherever you’ll choose that account to manage, too.


Alternatively, you’ll head to You’ll be brought directly into the Facebook Ads Manager of your personal ad account. If you manage quite one ad account and need to modify to a different ad account, you’ll use the account computer menu to form the switch.

How to get your teammates originated on your Ads account

If you want to let your teammates manage and build Facebook ads together with your ad account, you’ll have to be compelled to grant them access to the ad account and assign them the suitable advertising roles. Here square measure some fast steps to try to that:

Step 1: Navigating to Ad Account Settings

Click on the hamburger menu icon, hover over “All Tools”, and select “Ad Account Setting”. (If you are doing not see this selection, you may be in your Facebook Business Manager. you’d wish to click on “Ads Manager” 1st and so follow the steps mentioned earlier.)

Step 2: Add a User

Select “Account Roles” on the left column and click on the “Add a User” button to feature a associate to the ad account.

Step 3: Assign the suitable role

The final step is to pick out the suitable role for your associate.


Here square measure the assorted roles and their various advertising permissions:

An “Analyst” will see solely your ad performance. This role is nice for somebody UN agency solely has to access your Facebook ads information and build reports.

An “Advertiser” will see and edit your ads and build ads victimization the payment methodology related to your ad account. This role is appropriate for somebody has to produce ads on your behalf however not has access to the payment details (e.g. a contract vendor or a partner agency).

An “Admin” will edit the payment details and manage the roles, on prime of everything associate degree “Analyst” associate degreed an “Advertiser” will do. This role fits somebody UN agency has to manage access permissions to the ad account, billing, payment details, and ad disbursal limit.


Tip: Facebook Page roles, Business Roles, and ad account roles don’t seem to be identical. Albeit you’re the admin of your company’s Page or Business , you may not have access to your company’s ad account.

Finding your approach round the Facebook Ads Manager dashboard

You’ll be ready to manage each facet of your ads expertise through your Ad dashboard. There’re heaps of things on it! This is often wherever to seek out all the essential tools, menus, and buttons.

  1. Prime navigation bar
  2. Create ad
  3. Disbursal within the last seven days
  4. Reportage table of all of your Facebook ads
  5. Facebook ads filters
  6. Stats filters


We’ll get into the small print of those choices within the chapters below. be happy to click on the short links higher than to leap to the relevant section or use CTRL+F or CMD+F to seek out any precise phrase you wish.

Find your approach around Facebook Ads Manager

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