MOOCs: a novelty when it comes to learning


MOOCs: a novelty when it comes to learning

Since their creation in 2002 (although it took 2008 to see them appear in the form in which we know them today), MOOCs have given a lot to talk about.
Intended mainly for universities, these massive open online courses (MOOC means Massive Open Online Course) are free and free for a defined period. You just have to sign up.
Thanks to videoconferences, a teacher can give his classes live before Internet users who can ask him the questions they want vocally, through the chat or forums that are created for the occasion.
Today we see this type of initiative in higher education, but also in primary and secondary classes.

Are MOOCs the classes of the future?: MOOCs: a novelty when it comes to learning

Among the best known MOOCs we can mention the Khan Academy page that offers video classes in mathematics, science and computer science to primary, secondary and high school students.
For some students, watching a video will help them memorize some concepts more easily.
School support MOOCs have become perfect pedagogical tools that can help students academically.
From Superprof we fully support online support classes . In any case, we want to insist that they can never replace face- to- face classes with a real teacher.
Also if they can help some students to improve their knowledge in a specific subject; it is a plus to take into account.
In any case, for students with academic failure, it is better to have a home teacher who works in coordination with teachers and parents.

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