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What is Near pod?


What is Near pod?

Near pod
Near pod

What is Near pod? First off, what’s near pod?

Near pod helps educators create any lesson interactive whether or not within the schoolroom or virtual. The thought is straightforward. An instructor will produce interactive displays which will contain Quiz’s, Polls, Videos, Collaborate Boards, and more. You’ll be able to access thousands of pre-built K-12 standards-aligned lessons or transfer your existing lessons and create them interactive.

The students will access a teacher’s presentation through a code and therefore the teacher then moves the category through the presentation and lets students act with the media as they are going. Lecturers may pick Student-Paced mode, wherever the scholar controls the flow of the lesson. This mode is ideal for sub days, weather days, school assignment assignments, or freelance work. The app is web-based and works on any device with a web affiliation. Below are simply 10 ways that of utilizing this varied tool.

What is Near pod? 1) Easy presentation delivery

At its simplest, you’ll be able to use near pod as a substitute for different presentation tools. Rather than running a PowerPoint or Google Slides, you’ll be able to utilize near pod and create the lesson additional interactive. You’ll be able to even ‘drag and drop’ your existing Google slides, PDFs and PowerPoint’s into the app for it to instantly produce a near pod presentation. Then you’ll be able to choose from innumerable interactive activities and formative assessments. The displays are beamed to every student’s device within the schoolroom. You furthermore may don’t got to believe students having the ability to examine the board.

What is Near pod? 2) Personalized provision

Following on from the concept of victimization near pod as an easy presentation tool, you’ll isolate the employment of the app to at least one kid or little cluster. It may well be that you just are beaming additional teaching provisions to explicit pupils throughout a starter. This might be the primitive person that gives additional support for a toddler with visual impairments. It might give that additional little bit of facilitate for an occasional attained in your category.

What is Near pod? 3) Distributing resources

Using the app to distribute resources is another easy manner of victimization it within the schoolroom. You’ll be able to fill your presentation with pictures or worksheets and raise the scholars to use the scholars Notes Feature to save lots of the presentation to their drive to access the data later once finding out for an examination or finishing school assignment.

4) Live formative assessment

The app will become even additional helpful if you insert one amongst near pod’s several formative assessment activities into your presentation.  As an instructor, you’ll be able to produce custom-built Quizzes, Polls, Open-ended queries, Matching Pairs, and additional which will be wont to check for students’ understanding in time period. The teacher will instantly gain insights into the classes’ overall understanding and create changes on the fly.

 5) In progress assessment

Why not utilize the formative assessments in near pod throughout a term to establish in progress assessment data? Once the scholars have finished a quiz, near pod can mechanically produce a report for you. You’ll be able to access the reports directly through the app and transfer the information as PDF overviews, CSV files similarly as reports on individual students. This extremely helps you to realize a totally comprehensive understanding of your students’ in progress. It takes the grading out of your hands and will it for you.

6) Self-assessment

It is common observe in Primary and Secondary faculties for college students to assess themselves and value their own confidence levels. This can be sometimes achieved through a traffic signal system that youngsters are inspired to attract their workbooks. Red indicates a poor confidence level, amber indicates sensible understanding and inexperienced indicates a really good understanding of any given learning topic. Near pod contains the choice of inserting a ‘Poll’. During this state of affairs, students’ opinions are questioned. This makes the ‘Polling’ tool an ideal feature to use once ‘traffic lighting’ within the schoolroom. The data is then saved within the same reports!

7) Modeling

The app additionally incorporates a feature known as ‘Draw It’ which will be engineered into your displays. This beams AN interactive whiteboard to the students’ devices. The teacher’s device can show all of the students’ ‘drawings’ and therefore the teacher will then ‘share’ individual whiteboards with the complete category. Hit share can cause the chosen ‘drawing’ to seem on each device. This permits lecturers to share sensible work and model sensible progressions.

8) Open-ended tasks

Near pod permits for artistic flexibility. The ‘Open-Ended Questions’ feature permits the teacher to create an issue or came upon a state of affairs for the scholars to reply to. With this tool, you’ll be able to facilitate artistic writing tasks. As a result, the advantage of victimization one thing like Near pod for this type of activity is that the ‘Open-Ended’ answers are then mechanically logged within the reports.

9) Setting school assignment

The entire on top of examples revolves round the plan of victimization near pod in an exceedingly live session, however students may have interaction on their own time give a Student-Paced code and that they can access the near pod lesson reception, or anyplace with a web affiliation.

10) Sharing and victimization pre-made resources

One way of victimization near pod involves nearly no work on all. Sound on the ‘Explore’ button inside the most landing page of the app can take you thru to a library of pre-made near pod lessons. You’ll be able to realize interactive displays on nearly something for K-12.

Near pod within the schoolroom

The customizable nature of the app implies that it will be applied to any age vary and teaching context. It saves you time with time period formative assessment and session reports and helps build a connected culture in and out of doors of the schoolroom.

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