Personal training from A to Z


Personal training from A to Z

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What is personal training?
History of fitness and personal training
What is the future of fitness and personal training?
What does the internet change for the training and fitness market?
Personal training is part of the services offered to the person.
Whether it is focused on high-level athletes or novices, sports practice must always be adapted and the coach is there to accompany his student and make him progress.
Whether it is to regain shape, lose weight or improve, a sport class must take into account the physical capacities of the student.
But is personal training a recent invention?
Did you do sports to maintain your silhouette in ancient times?
What is the future of this discipline?
You will find all the answers by reading this article!

What is personal training?: Personal training from A to Z

To better understand what personal training is, we must go back to its etymology . In English, “coach” comes from the old French “car” and designated a horse-drawn cart.
What relationship with a personal trainer or coach?
Well, if a horse pulls the cart to move it forward, a teacher “pushes” his student to improve .
In 1860 the word “coach” was associated with the sports environment, although it was not until a century later that it began to be heard in Spain.

An allegory of a coach in its origins!: Personal training from A to Z

Training is above all ” the personalized accompaniment of a person in the start-up, execution and evolution of his project ” (definition of personal trainer of the International Federation of Coaches), whether for a personal trainer, a developing coach or a coach in love.
A personal trainer can be:
At home
In the gym
Each one has its advantages:
The individual trainer allows you to create a sports program specially designed for you. Do you need to tone up and focus on abs and glutes? Tell your personal trainer, he is entirely at your listening and dedicated to you during the individual sessions.
The team coach is the best if you lack motivation. Do you focus on losing weight? Your personal trainer will make you meet people who have the same goals as you. Among several, you can motivate, encourage and compete. In addition, it is cheaper!
Home training is perfect if you have a busy schedule. You will not have to travel, your personal trainer will come to your place of work or to your home to do sports. It motivates you when you need it: the excuse “it’s raining, I won’t be able to go running,” no longer works for you.
The coach in the gym requires more motivation. In effect, it is you who travels for your training program. But once you arrive, your personal trainer will know how to carry out a tailored program of muscle reinforcement or mass increase according to your goals. Being surrounded by people who are faced with the same difficulties can motivate you or, on the contrary, you can feel self-conscious by the gaze of others …
It is up to you to decide what type of training you prefer based on your physical condition, your financial resources and your goals.
Is it clear to you what personal training is ? Are you looking for a Madrid personal trainer ?
History of fitness and personal training
Personal training is said to date back to 1860, but is it such a recent invention ?
Of course not! If the terms “fitness” and “personal trainer” are recent, humanity has not waited for their invention to play sports.
Starting with the first men!

Do you think they followed a training program to develop their muscles?: Personal training from A to Z

In a sense, yes. But that was not called training or physical activity in any case, it was rather called survival instinct! Indeed, the first men were forced to run, jump, tremble and fight to eat, drink or simply live in the hostile environment in which they evolved.
The first sports programs, as we know them today, appear with the first wars. The Persians and the Romans for example imposed a drastic physical preparation on all young men with a view to winning battles and conquering new territories.
Long before the appearance of the Olympic rings, the first games were held in honor of Zeus, on Olympus.
It is also in ancient times when the first “Olympic Games” were born, as they will be called later, organized by Greek cities in honor of Zeus. With them, the cult of the body and the philosophical celebration of beauty was born.
If in the Middle Ages we put aside the body to dedicate ourselves to the spirit, the Renaissance saw the first works entirely dedicated to sports and personal training appear. The book De Arte Gymnastica by Mercurialis (Italian author), is thus the first on sports medicine.
It is the Industrial Revolution that brings the premises of fitness and muscle toning as they are known today. Indeed, machines are increasingly replacing man who becomes more sedentary. It is therefore necessary to move in another way !
All over the world, the first bodybuilding machines were invented, gymnastic exercises were started, and sport can now be practiced “for pleasure.”
It is in the twentieth century when fitness is launched as a real company with Edmond Desbonnet who opens a chain of fitness clubs . Begin the cult of the perfect physique with magazines full of photos of muscular men and women.
Do you want to know more about the history of personal training? Take a look at our article  History of Fitness and Physical Training .

What is the future of fitness and personal training?

Today, in the age of numbers and connected objects, video consoles propose to practice Pilates, yoga or dance, you can play sports anywhere!
And in the future?
It is difficult to accurately predict the future, but trends emerge.
Women are increasingly present in gyms.
With the advent of crossfit, we see a return to bodybuilding . The difference is that today women are much more represented in this world. Crossfit is practiced as a couple or in a group. The machines are used again and the bodybuilder’s body is sculpted.
Should we therefore assume a return to bodybuilding? It may be, but not a return to the muscle cult, certainly.
However, the large gyms, full of huge machines that are scary, are losing followers in favor of more modest rooms and the personalization of group or individual classes . They will disappear? Surely, if they do not follow the trend and adapt to each athlete, experts and novices.

Who will be the  personal trainer  of tomorrow?

With social media, we’ve seen communities easily create and emerge . It is the same with sport.
Chloé, who runs a lifestyle blog, is the proof. She is an ambassador for the “Happy Running Crew”, a community of athletes who motivate themselves and train to prepare for marathons, for example:
“We have developed a sincere and faithful community on social networks with whom we exchange permanently. We have participated in numerous official races. We have run hundreds of kilometers and we have done a lot of brunches and snacks … Together, we have managed to show that RUN + FUN is obvious. ”
Ready to join an online community, use connected objects, or go to a personal trainer at home for ultra-personalized sessions?
Attentive to the latest trends!

What does the internet change for the training and fitness market?

Thanks to the internet, you now have access to all kinds of information, including sports. The democratization of sports at home has been greatly facilitated thanks to the internet.
Indeed, you no longer have to be a star to afford the services of a sports educator with a state degree. Rates are much more affordable today.
Why? Because there is a lot of competition, of course!

What will be the digital training of tomorrow?

To be an online or face-to-face personal trainer today and achieve your marketing goal, you have to know how to differentiate yourself . Clients can choose from endless trainers online.
As a coach, take care of your reputation and be ultra present online:
On networking platforms such as Superprof
On your own website
On social media, etc.
As a student, you can easily compare the different trainers in order to choose the one that will best suit your needs and sculpt a dream body.
No more excuses not to play sports: your coach comes to your home.
Home training is great, huh? You save a lot of time and it is much more comfortable.
Thanks to the internet, it is also very easy to keep up to date with the latest news in terms of diet, nutrition, abdominal exercises or cardio training.
You will no longer necessarily need to go to a specialist!
In addition to this information, you can also follow sports training classes online, such as zumba, aerobics, step or fitness classes.
Having good hygiene in life is possible without even leaving your home.
In summary:
If playing sports was a necessity to survive at the dawn of human existence, today, we associate it with  the notion of pleasure .
Sports training comes in various forms and continues to evolve.
Training classes can be taken online or at home at a lower cost.
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