Pilates, what is it and what benefits does it have?


Pilates, what is it and what benefits does it have?

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What is Pilates?
What is Pilates for?
Pilates evolution
What is the difference between Pilates and yoga?
What are the benefits of Pilates?
The basic Pilates exercises
What are the great principles of the Pilates Method?
What is the history of Pilates?”Fitness is an essential condition for happiness.” – Joseph Pilates

In a world where everything was perfect, Pilates would be the national sport. In fact, this discipline, a kind of combination between gentle aerobics and yoga, is an enriching and complete sport , which can be adapted to everyone , since the variety of exercises is enormous.
Stretching, breathing, flexibility, concentration, etc .: there are many key words to define the Pilates method, as well as the benefits that this discipline brings to our body and our physical condition.
In general, during individual sessions, which last between 55 and 60 minutes, we will quickly realize that Pilates is a complete discipline, combining mind, state of mind and body . A true lifestyle that, although not practiced by everyone, offers many benefits for health and fitness.
However, deep down, what is Pilates, that method that is talked about all over the world? Well, that is what we will try to explain to you in this article from the Superprof newsroom.

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