Private tutors: how to set the price of your classes


Private tutors: how to set the price of your classes

Not sure at what price to put your classes at home ? Here are some tips to help you decide.
As you can see in the price list that we have put up before, the average price of the language, science and school support classes is more or less the same, while the computer science, technology and music classes are a little more expensive.

Prices also vary depending on the teacher’s experience.: Private tutors: how to set the price of your classes

On the other hand, it is important to  know how to sell your experience and your titles.  If you are a certified teacher who puts into practice a good teaching method with interactive exercises that have helped many students with learning difficulties to progress, it is clear that the price of your classes may be higher than that of a young teacher who has started recently to give private classes.
Don’t be afraid to  raise your prices if you have interesting skills , especially if they are rare. For example, a good teacher whose mother tongue is Arabic may offer slightly more expensive Arabic classes.
It also happens with Dutch classes, for example or, in the field of science, with Physics and Chemistry classes.
Also remember to  set a rate based on the level of your students.  A mathematics class for elementary school students requires less knowledge than one for a student who is pursuing a Bachelor of Science or a university degree.
Finally, we do not advise you to set very low prices at the beginning, because getting out of that loop will be very difficult. If you do your job well, word of mouth will help you find students easily, without having to work long hours to earn a living.
Now you know everything about the administrative and financial aspects of the private teaching profession. You can jump into teaching without problems and help your students to review effectively so that they will be successful in their studies.
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