School support as a remedy for the omnipresence of parents


School support as a remedy for the omnipresence of parents

Instead of playing the role of teacher yourself, you can rely on a competent teacher to help your child.
The omnipresence of parents is a recurring problem in some Spanish households. Believing that they are doing the right thing, parents can tend to overprotect their children , which affects their education. Okay, it’s good to be present, but don’t go over there!
Of course, during the first years of school, parents must help their children. It is estimated that by the end of primary school, students should be able to do their homework on their own . Before that, it’s up to you. By helping your child do homework in a fun way, you can help him be independent .

You also have to teach him to respect the basic rules of education: School support as a remedy for the omnipresence of parents

Avoid missing class as much as possible,
Be punctual and never be late to class,
Explain the advantages of studying,
Never criticize the educational system in front of them,
Explain the importance of basic knowledge (calculation, writing …)
Learn to respect your teacher always,
Make friends to avoid social exclusion, etc.
You have to set the rules at an early age.
However, during the high school years , parents should avoid always being behind their children as much as possible. Therefore, it is better to replace parents with a school support teacher.
Many parents think they can take on the role of teacher at home, but this is not always true. The omnipresence of parents can lead to a conflict between parents and children : it is not the parents who cannot help with homework, but the child who denies them this kind of authority, since they do not want their parents to impose this on them. type of obligation.
To make yourself respected as a parent, keeping the good grades of your children, it is best to resort to private classes . The home teacher will know how to deepen the knowledge of his student while helping him to improve in all subjects .

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