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School support pages for ESO students


School support pages for ESO students

The high school years are an important stage in a student’s life, as schedules change, there are more subjects, they must learn to be more independent and organized , the workload increases and the classes are more difficult.
What makes the Internet so interesting at this stage is that students can study alone , although it is a good idea to stay close to check that they are studying and activate parental control.
At this stage, the computer should not be used constantly either . If the student pays attention in class, they will have everything they need to get good grades.
Entering a new school and discovering a new way of working can be difficult for some students.
Sometimes bad grades aren’t just related to lack of work. If you see that his grades tend to drop over time, make an appointment with his teacher in question. If you see a lack of motivation or a bad methodology, it will be much more effective to turn to a private teacher .
Some students have difficulty following classes due to the number of students in the classroom. Since teachers do not have the time to deal with all their students individually, using an online platform can be very useful .

Regarding the school support pages for ESO students , we can highlight: School support pages for ESO students

The Home Teacher (Mathematics, Language, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences)
Vitutor (Methods and English)
Easy Classroom (Mathematics, Technical Drawing, Language and Physics and Chemistry)
English Exercises Online
BanReDe : Resource Bank for Educational Diversity (Mathematics, Language, English, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences)
You can also consult forums, which can be an excellent tool for homework, such as Aula Fácil or
All of these pages are free and offer quality resources.

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