School support to avoid school failure


School support to avoid school failure

Private classes at home are an excellent way to avoid a definitive exit from the educational system . Spain has the highest school dropout rate in the EU : 22.7% of young people between 18 and 24 years old who live in Spain do not continue with their studies beyond compulsory education, that is, beyond 4th grade of the ESO.
The OECD states that the main reason is unequal opportunities in class. In fact, the situation was difficult for 70% of dropouts who put a brake on their education.

There are many reasons: School support to avoid school failure

Religious motivations,
The loss of confidence in the educational system,
The feeling of being the “scapegoat” of teachers,
Bad relationships between students (bullying),
The rejection of the contents of the official program,
Boredom in class,
The preference for working life, etc.
The risk these students run is to become a “nini”: people who neither study nor work.
Bullying is one of the causes of school failure.
Bullying is one of the causes of school failure.
In order not to reach this situation, we must act soon. Since September, do not hesitate to resort to home support classes to avoid school failure for your child. The tutor will provide you with the academic help you need. In addition to being a teacher, the teacher will be an advisor to his student and will help him regain his self-confidence .
Whether they are to progress at an intensive pace or to catch up, the tutoring classes are particularly effective because the teacher knows how to put his teaching skills into practice and adapt to the level of his student.
Both to progress in English and in mathematics, for example, private classes are the ideal solution. School failure with home support is over!

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