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SHAHEEN SHAH AFRIDI complete information


SHAHEEN SHAH AFRIDI complete information

SHAHEEN SHAH AFRIDI complete information
SHAHEEN SHAH AFRIDI complete information

Full name: Shahen Shah Afridi

Nick name: Shah

Date of birth: 6 April, 2000

Current age: 18 years

Birth place: Landin Kotwal, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Batting style: left handed

Bowling style: left arm fast medium

Role: all rounds

Professional: cricketer

Major team: khan research laboratory, Lahore Qalandars, Dacha Dynamitic and many other teams

Religion: Islam

Nationality: Pakistani

Height in m: 1.98 m

Height in cm: 198 cm

Height in ft. and inches: 6 ft. and 6 inches

Weight in kg: 74 kg

Weight in pounds: unknown

Shirt number:

His brother name: Riaz Afridi

His cousin name: Yasir Afridi

Sun sign: Aries

SHAHEEN SHAH AFRIDI complete information Introduction

Shahen Shah Afridi was born in KPK on 6 April, 2000. He is a nice and intelligent person of the Pakistani teams. He is a simple and funny person. He completes his early education in the primary school of KPK. In primary education he get first prize on this level of study. then he complete secondary education in the school of KPK after complete his study he enter the Pakistan cricket team and success in every field of life. Shahen Afridi has many fans his brother Riaz Afridi always supported him to play well and guide him. Shahen Shah Afridi has been in need of instant tips.

SHAHEEN SHAH AFRIDI complete information Overview on his career life

Shahen Shah Afridi is an international cricket of the Pakistan team. His domestic career is so amazing than the other team members of Pakistan teams. He is playing with many teams such as khan research laboratories, Dhaka dynamites and Lahore Qalandars. He first plays in 2017 with khan research laboratories. His performance is so perfect than the other team. He contract with Dhaka dynamites in 2017, in his test match series his performance is not well but you try to playing well. He also contract with Lahore Qalandars in 2018 to 2019. His performance is so good than the other test match series. His international career is so amazing than the other team members he was first playing as a national side is test debut on 3 December, 2018 with New Zealand. He contract with South Africa as a last test on 3 January, 2019. His national side in ODI debut with Afghanistan on 21 September 2018 his performance is so good in this test match series. He plays last ODI on 30 January in 2019 with South Africa. He playing with West Indies in T20I debut on 3 April 2018 his performance is best in this test match series. He always plays well in any test match. In test match series he was replace to the other team member due to injury he was not playing so admit 3 days in the hospital. After come back to the hospital he playing the next match. In this match he takes a wicket and his couch is appreciating you to playing well. On the last many fans was so excited Shahen Shah Afridi may be win or defeat. On the last ball he takes a wicket and wins the match.

SHAHEEN SHAH AFRIDI complete information Physical appearance:

The face color is fair and on face he was not use any major products for face beauty. The face color of his naturally color. The hair color is black and on hair he was not use any product for hairs beauty. The eye color is black similarly the eye color is naturally color of his eyes. The lip is light pink color. The only use lip gloss for lip protection from dryness. If the lip is dry the lip becomes rough. Therefore the Shahen Afridi use lip gloss for maintain a lips beauty. He always maintains his body weight so he eats fast food and takes soft drink. In any condition he doesn’t drink hard drink because they can damage your body. So his cannot play well so physical appearance is most important to maintain it. Every person tries to maintain his physical body appearance.

SHAHEEN SHAH AFRIDI complete information Body size:

The height of Shahen Afridi is 6 feet and 6 inches, the height in millimeters is 1.98 millimeter and in the form of centimeter is 198 centimeters. The biceps size is 13 inches. The chest size is 34inches.and the foot size is 9 inches. The arm size is moderate and legs size is not a much longer and not a smaller but the leg size is moderate like other players of Pakistan team.

SHAHEEN SHAH AFRIDI complete information Body weight:

The body weight of Shahen Afridi is 74 kilogram. The body weight is not a constant because the body weight is change during the life time. The weight gain and loss is not a big issue for cricketers. They easily weight gain and loss. The weight is decrease from exercise and increase with healthy foods.

SHAHEEN SHAH AFRIDI complete information Favorite players:

The Shahen Afridi is like some players of our Pakistan team. The Favorite players name is Irfan, Shahidi Afridi, Wasim Aram, Umar Akmal, Sarfaraz and Babar Azzam. these all players is act well performance during the match, the Shahen Afridi only like these players according to his behavior and well performance during the match.

 Style during match:

The batting style is left handed and bowling style is also left handed. The running speed is very fast than other players of Pakistan players.


The role of Shahen Afridi is all rounds during the match. Therefore he was best player of Pakistan team. The Shahen Afridi is play during the match in all sided.

Favorite drink:

His Favorite drink is mango juice, coke, sugarcane juice, and many other drinks. In summer season he takes fresh fruits juice to keep fresh your body. After playing the cricket he drink sprite and fresh your mind. He takes coffee in winter and summer season. He also maintains his body weight due to take coffee. Coffee has following benefit increase your fiber intake, cut the pain and protection against cirrhosis of the liver. It also reduces the heart diseases so every person takes a cup of tea in any condition. In sometime when you are disappointed due to personal issue which develops in the family so he takes a cup of coffee because they reduce the depression and fresh your mind.

Favorite foods:

He eats much food but mostly like chicken, kebab, biryani and many other vegetables. In breakfast he daily eats egg and sometime eat apple with a glass of milk. These foods is healthy for his life so his body fresh, health and looking so smart. He eat a salad in lunch time because it has many benefits

  • It is a natural source of fiber
  • It also build strong bone
  • It also protect your peeper
  • It also protect your heart
  • It also improves your muscle performance.

Favorite actors:

The favorite actors of Shahen Afridi are Salman Khan and Shah Rukh khan. These both actors is most popular personality of Indian film industries. Any way these both actors as a belong to religion of Islam. The Shahen Afridi watches movies and listen music of Shah Rukh khan and Salman khan in free time because the Shahen khan not waste our time on this type things.

Favorite actresses:

The favorite actresses are Angelina Jolie and Katrina Kaif. These both actresses are also most famous personality of film industries. The Shahen Afridi watch and listen music in free time. Because the time is most important for Shahen Afridi.

Favorite flower:

The favorite flower of Shaheed Afridi is lily and rose. The fragrance of rose and lily is very beauty full. The smell of rose and lily give freshness of our mind. Sometime the Shahen Afridi use rose water for face beauty. The face beauty is most necessary for cricketers.

Favorite pet:

The favorite pet of Shahen Afridi is cat. The children also like cat. The cat is pet animal. Therefore the Shahen Afridi is like cat. The cat is not a dangerous animal. Because the cat cannot harm the peoples.


The hobbies of Shahen Afridi is following as

  • Watching TV shows.
  • Playing match.
  • Watching football match.
  • Reading daily newspaper.
  • Playing video games.

Favorite place:

The favorite place of Shahen Afridi is following as

These all places are favorite places of Shahen Afridi. He was going to these places with our happy for enjoyment. The Shahen Afridi always goes with family for enjoyment. With family the Shahen Afridi becomes happier.

Social media profile:

The social media profile is following as

  • Instar gram.
  • Twitter handle.
  • Google page.
  • Wikipedia page.

Bad habits:

The Shahen Afridi is does not take alcohols. And does not take smoking. The alcohol and smoking is great harmful for body health. The internal organs are damage due to alcohols and smoking. The alcohol is not allowed for Muslim and in our Islam. The alcohol is because major diseases like as cancer, kidney problems, and lungs problems. And due to smoking the teeth is also damage.


The salary of Shahen Afridi is 6 laces. The salary is not use in cheap and illegal activities. The some amount of our salary use in the way of Allah. The Shahen Afridi uses our salary in legal works.

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