Some tricks to start boxing


Some tricks to start boxing

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Boxing Training: The Beginner’s Routine
How to learn boxing at home?
Boxing exercise: how to prepare a fight?
How to learn to box with a bag?
“In boxing, the more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in fighting.”
Julien Lorcy
Therefore, you are interested in showing your resistance and great motivation and training in a boxing hall to be ready to face the competition.
There are many reasons that can push athletes to jump into a combat sport like no other: boxing.
For the desire to vent, to know how to defend oneself, for the pleasure of the confrontations, with a view to flirting, to regain your line … Each one has his reasons!
But, once you’ve made the decision to start boxing , you need to give yourself hard to be successful. Energy gives you wings: go for it!
To help you with your first rookie steps in the ring and in the boxing halls, we are going to describe some essential stages so that you have what you need in a sport that does not give respite to the fans.
From first training session to hitting punching bags, through solo training to preparing for a first fight, we’re going to review the highlights of every amateur boxing career.
Of course, first you will have to choose the boxing style you prefer: English boxing, Savate or French boxing or Thai boxing, they are the most common.


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