The best cell phone / smartphone for Community Manager


The best cell phone / smartphone for Community Manager

Don’t worry, we won’t talk about Iphone in this article, so read on

It is valid to ask what hardware to buy to improve the quality of our work. It seems to me a fairly fair question, it makes clear the interest in becoming professional and investing in better results.

I share the enthusiasm for wanting to have a tool that can be used to work, play and even for recreation with the family.

What is a community manager?  >>here the explanation <<

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What is the best Smartphone for Community Manager? : The best cell phone / smartphone for Community Manager

In my experience, working with iPhone has been more comfortable and stable for me. WAIT, DO NOT LEAVE YET, I am aware that NOT all of them must coincide, I explain why I prefer it personally:

  1. I find it very easy to use: Its minimalist interface without modifications is in fact an advantage, it does not complicate you since there is no other alternative. How a web page should be: easy, fast and direct, whatever you go to.
  2. From my experience: IN LIFE an iPhone has broken down, otherwise all the Samsung I have had. I don’t know why, but I can rest assured that if I accidentally drop it it won’t be dead like a Samsung.

But if you do not prefer Apple for some reason (very valid, since the experience is different for each person) you will handle about 4 or 5 medium-size accounts well enough with any equipment that has a minimum:

  • 4 GB RAM
  • 128 GB of storage
  • 16 MPX rear camera
  • Screen with resolution greater than 1080p
  • Less than 1 and a half years old

You see, you do not require much, even if you have several things to manage, you should not attend to all of them at the same time, not because of your ability but because it is better to dedicate your time to each one.

Best cell phone brands for social networks: The best cell phone / smartphone for Community Manager

Excluding iPhone, I have tried many brands, models and gadgets for pleasure and sponsorship, therefore, I can share my TOP of the brands that I consider best to manage social networks:

  1. Huawei : The best cost-benefit ratio (I haven’t tested the  P30 )
  2. Xiaomi : Their equipment is not as stable as the previous ones, but they are more resistant and durable.
  3. Nokia : Nothing out of the ordinary but they are by far the most resistant and durable, subjected to a tough resistance test in the agency «hehe»
  4. Motorola : Affordable price, average performance, not as resistant as a Nokia but if it resists
  5. LG: Since its G 6 line of some years ago it has been distinguished by being comfortable in the hand, its performance and resistance are average.

Recommendations to keep in mind

  1. Get one of regular size (when you need something urgent it is very useful to be able to use one hand)
  2. The mid-range ones are perfect: If it were necessary to bring many accounts, simply download an application such as Hootsuite or Buffer , with which you can manage several accounts at the same time without spending much performance.
  3. It is better to use two mid-range phones than one high-end because:
  • They are more resistant and durable
  • You separate the work from the personal
  • You have a backup in case of any eventuality

For many, the issue of battery and signal strength are important, for a CM NOT because as a good digital worker your best ally is a workstation with a PC.


The models and brands in this article are excellent for working on social networks, you won’t need to spend more than 300 dollars to do an excellent job.

It is not proper to work away from your computer or workstation. By definition you would stop being a Community. If you are not in one place and you must be attending networks with a mobile phone, we would speak of a BAD planning and a terrible distribution of tasks or positions.

Always use a computer (laptop or desktop) you tend to make less mistakes and focus more, not to mention setting schedules. Don’t worry too much about which one to choose, all mobiles are compatible with  apps for community manager.

And yes, the more features the cell phone has, the more things it can do, the more formats you can use and of course each dollar invested adds to your work, but also remember that The best cell phone / smartphone for Community Manager.


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