The best MARKETING BOOKS to undertake


The best MARKETING BOOKS to undertake

If you read these books you will have a solid base to understand this world of marketing

Speaking of marketing and business, the following books helped me a lot, if you are starting read them immediately, they will open your panorama and awaken your skills, I assure you.

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Digital movement: The best MARKETING BOOKS to undertake

It was written by a Mexican politician, I recommend it because it seems to me that it brings together the basic concepts to begin to understand how you can generate an impact on social networks.

He explains to us how communities work in social networks and how to channel them towards some purpose. Although the author presents it to us as the great secret, in reality it is not, they are concepts that have always worked this way.

Channeling a community, giving it purpose, identity, a common denominator and making it loyal is essential to generate communities in social networks, for this reason, it is important that you read this book and understand how people move in networks, especially on Facebook, it is a little different through other networks, but starting from this it will add a lot.

Digital Movement: The best MARKETING BOOKS to undertake


The Purple Cow

You should read Seth Godin with great caution, he is very critical of all those “marketing experts” that abound in social networks. You either hate it or love it, plain and simple. Considering that there are a lot of “gurus” and “experts” in marketing I think the cure to this epidemic is to read this.

When I started reading this book I forgot to check the year of publication, when I reached the middle I thought I was reading something published this year. But great surprise, it is from 1998 and since then he already hated the type of advertising so retrograde in digital (the same thing has been done since then), of course, in his time he was branded as crazy, but today he is a true PROPHET in the whole expression of the word.

I love his criticism of traditional sales funnels, invasive advertising, the same fucking practices, it’s great that mailing generates conversions, but at what cost, at the cost of ruining people’s lives?

I really like the examples it exposes, examples of great impact and innovation, for example, the marketing of 90s rock bands, such as Pearl Jam, who made great innovations in marketing, that almost nobody noticed at the time but that today everyone is saving their skin.

Seth Godin – The Purple Cow: The best MARKETING BOOKS to undertake


The blue Ocean Strategy

A great business classic. This is not a marketing or sales book, in fact, the book was not intended for that purpose.

It is a business methodology focused on creating new products or services. 

That phrase pretty much sums up the essence of the book.

We place this title here because it seems to me an extremely interesting formula to generate good ideas on sales and network management issues. It will help you experiment with new value propositions and, above all, to generate impact in a market.

This book is closely related to La VacaPúrpura since both present us with a different vision of business and entrepreneurship, where formulating solutions that help people and meet needs is essential.

People who think outside the line (many times without university studies) are the ones who usually take the entire market, such as Zuckerberg, Jobs, Bezos, Musk, etc.

The blue Ocean Strategy: The best MARKETING BOOKS to undertake



Originally called “Startupismo” by FricMartínez, but currently you can find it under the name of “Create a mop business in 20 steps”

If you have never been an entrepreneur, you should definitely start with this illustrated book (even if you don’t plan to start, read it because it will undoubtedly help you understand your bosses).

I have met very talented and intelligent people but who are useless for entrepreneurship, they still have the selling of your time programmed in their heads, they complain about things like ” who works more on a project” , it still hurts when someone young is in charge of a Startup and worst of all: they do not understand the approach of “who earns more and who earns less on a business idea.” If you have already started you will know what I mean.

Precisely to avoid all these grudges when it comes to entrepreneurship, I recommend reading this book, it will open up the panorama quite a bit and will give you the most basic and essential to join other projects.

Startupism – FricMartínez: The best MARKETING BOOKS to undertake


Sell ​​the mind, not the people

I started reading this book with a bit of skepticism, you can’t blame me, it has a pretentious, cliché and super-worn slogan: “The best salesman in the world” even borders on the ridiculous, false and pretentious. The last straw is a marketing and sales book.

Fortunately there was no disappointment, basically it is a synthesis of the best mental frameworks to achieve empathy with people and close sales or get them to empathize with your brand, product or service and all that you can apply even in your Facebook post.

Conveying security, appealing to people’s weak points to accept a value proposition, all of this is pure neuro marketing.

Definitely read it and apply all the advice, readings, attitudes and mental frameworks that Jürgen proposes, they will help you a lot, not only if you dedicate yourself to sales, but to everything in your life. In addition, he demonstrates it with case studies and also gives you personal advice so that you know the information that will be useful to you.

JurgenKlaric – Sell the mind, not the people


Everyone to read the best marketing books

It is all for now, there are definitely many to review, but I will be updating often and sharing new texts.

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