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The development of a typical support class


The development of a typical support class

When the objective of private classes at home is established, its development is usually that of a traditional class.
Even if you are no longer a child, do not worry if you have had to resume your studies, if you have wanted to obtain a Baccalaureate degree or obtain a degree in foreign languages.
However, after having left the educational system behind for some time, going back to school may not be so easy. For this reason, there are many students who decide to resort to school support .
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At first, the experienced teacher will review the concepts studied in language classes, computer science or management course.
It is a way of seeing what the student has learned during the classes and seeing the deficiencies that he or she may have on this or that subject. Regardless of whether they are notions seen in class or in the support class , this is the moment in which the teacher evaluates the knowledge and memorization techniques of his student.
Of course, the objective is not to demoralize the student, but to re-explain those elements that they have not understood well or that they have not been able to apply.
The school support is intended to complement traditional classes . It should help the student to understand, acquire an effective work methodology in accordance with their skills and objectives.
Likewise, the teacher can consult the marks that the student has obtained in other subjects such as geography and history, physics or chemistry or in Italian classes. This is a different way of verifying if the student passes other subjects and if he uses the written support.
The teacher must leave some space for practice with dynamic, written and oral exercises that allow the student to progress, understand and integrate well the different notions of the course .
Next, it will be the correction of the exercises in which the teacher supports the student and highlights their successes, but also reinforces the errors so that the student continues to improve.
Of course, this part also allows the teacher to see what the student’s strengths and weaknesses are.
The objective is not to systematically work on the weak points so as not to discourage the student, but to show him that he can do certain things and that he will be able to do the rest if he makes an effort.
In addition, if you have homework, you can also receive help from the teacher when it comes to submitting it. It can be both reviewing them and, for example, helping you prepare for an exam.
At the end of the session, the teacher can set aside a few minutes to review what they have seen and even suggest some exercises to the student to progress between classes. The development of a typical support class

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