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The limits of online school support


The limits of online school support

But everything has its advantages and disadvantages.
Internet is a tool that requires some knowledge to be able to use it effectively when reviewing.
We have previously told you about the positive points of online home school support. Now we are going to introduce you to some of the weakest points of the online support classes .

Artificial intelligence vs human intelligence: The limits of online school support

It is a fact: not having a teacher to accompany the student is a brake on learning.
A child who does not have autonomy will not want to go to work without being pressured to review the lesson or do their homework.
In this way, it is more difficult for you to overcome your difficulties other than the lack of knowledge with a computer.
If a student has trouble concentrating or motivating himself, an online test is not going to help him deal with his problems.

Be careful with the dangers of the internet: The limits of online school support

When we say this, we are thinking above all of young students as they may inadvertently reach content that is not suitable for their age.
For this reason, parents of elementary school children (or when they start high school) have to supervise their little ones when they connect to the internet. Even if they have parental control activated.
As regards the students of the institute, the latter have acquired a certain autonomy when it comes to organizing themselves with work.
Anyway, it is worth checking that they connect to the internet to work and not for other purposes.
On video pages (on YouTube for example), it is very easy to get distracted and for students to lose effectiveness in their reviews.
And above all, do not forget to  be critical of the information you read (especially in forums).
Too much supply of resources
There are several pages that are debated to offer such a quantity of resources.
This is very good to allow everyone to find classes in English, French, history and geography or mathematics or whatever corresponds.
Is it really helpful to ask your child to advance in physics or chemistry if he is not having a problem in class?
Given this offer that is at your disposal, there are some students who lack methodology and can be distracted or demoralized.
The solution for these is to propose to them to work on a regular basis so that they can progress step by step.

What do we have to think of the free pages?

The web is the kingdom of gratuitousness.
As regards the Public Education program, the same occurs. There are several pages that propose school support with free classes of one level from primary to Baccalaureate.
It is a good way to improve your understanding of specific topics, in a timely manner.
On the contrary, these types of resources cannot replace school classes.
All the specialists say it: without an accompaniment it is impossible to face school failure through a free educational platform.

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