The science of the Arab world

Al-Tasrif Book. Photo of the Board of the Alhambra and Generalife.
The Arabs were great scientists and excelled in various branches of science, such as medicine. The role of Hispano-Arabs in this field is outstanding .
We have for example Abulcasis, the surgeon. Abulcasis, whose full name is Abu-l-Quasim ibn Abbas al-Zaharawi, is considered the most important surgeon in the history of Arab medicine. Abulcasis practiced and studied surgery, following the Spanish Pablo de Egina in his methods. Among the contributions of the Andalusian surgeon to medicine, a treatise on the use of cautery has special importance . His most popular work is an extensive thirty-book treatise on medicine, the Tasrif , which was the reference work for famous later surgeons.
The most important of the scientists of the time is, perhaps, Maslama , founder of a school of Astronomy and Mathematics in Córdoba , in which the first astronomical tables of the Peninsula were made.
Maslama, whose full name is Abu-l-Quasim Maslama ibn Ahmad al-Faradi al-Hasib el-Qurtubí al-Mairití was born in Madrid and was called by some “the prince of Andalusian mathematicians .”
Maslama corrected the tables of al-Joarizmí and Albatenio. Al-Joarizmí and Albatenio are the two most famous astronomers of the Islamic East. With Maslama, astronomical observations began to move from Baghdad to al-Andalus; later, the meridian of Toledo will be the Greenwich meridian of the present world and the one that European astronomers of the Middle Ages take as a reference on the celestial map.
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