The services offered in the gyms


The services offered in the gyms

The gym market is thriving in Spain.
Now people of all ages play sports regularly.
They no longer skimp with the offer of benefits:
Energy drinks,
Classes (zumba, body pump, body sculpt, step, aerobics, body fight fitness, body biking, etc.),
Personal training,
Sauna and Jacuzzi,
Towels and changing rooms.
One of the main leitmotifs for joining a gym is nutritional training.
Indeed, three quarters of the population watch their weight, either to lose weight or not to gain weight.
Knowing how much protein, lipids or carbohydrates, vegetables or meat to take, is part of the ingredients to regain a slim figure.
Thus, the personal trainer becomes a nutritional guide for overweight people who want to do sports to lose weight and firm their skin.
A word of advice: be wary of stimulant drinks sold in some gyms.
It is a deception to think that sports abilities will increase thanks to this type of drink. They often contain too much caffeine or excitants that are harmful to health.
Few minutes for physical activity could entail risks and digestive, cardiological and neurological problems.

Another question to ask yourself: is it better to opt for group classes or personal training?: The services offered in the gyms

It all depends on the objectives: doing muscle strengthening with weights or rowing, cardio training, working endurance, muscle glutes and abs, working with high-end machines, requires group classes.
On the contrary, if the objective is to obtain an optimized program based on your body mass index (BMI) and your cardiovascular and respiratory capacities, if you want to monitor your body postures, you will have to opt for individual classes.
It all depends on the temperament, tastes, morphology and aptitudes of each one.
We must be careful with the risk of cardiovascular accidents, with, for example, measuring the pulse with a heart rate monitor.
The choice of gym will also be conditioned by the budget.
Some rooms have very low prices, but their services are minimalist, while others are all-inclusive with a swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi to recover.
It all depends on the comfort we expect from a gym.
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