the types of boxing for women


the types of boxing for women

Knowing the types of boxing for women for better practice is basic.: the types of boxing for women

Rhythmic, athletic or gymnastic, it is difficult to know which boxing to choose , given the wide variety of traditional boxing that exists, its variants and derivatives. Women often waver between combat boxing and fitness boxing , the former focusing on technique and strength, while the latter focusing more on overall health and wellness goals.

Among traditional boxing (where women remain in the minority), we find:

French boxing
French savate boxing, very famous among women
English boxing
Thai or Thai boxing
American boxing or full contact
Chinese boxing
There is a variant of full contact , called light contact , which focuses more on the general tactics of the game and not on the effectiveness of the gestures. To train and progress quickly, or improve if you do competitive boxing, you may be interested in some boxing variants:
kick boxing
Jiu Jitsu
Self Defense
Krav magá
Each focuses on a part of the body or a specific goal. The lessons of self-defense and krav magá are in high demand in the capital: they are disciplines of self-control, which teach how to defend oneself against an aggressor.
Other variants of boxing are dedicated to female practice. Sometimes they make you gain resistance, working your cardio, sometimes flexibility, thanks to the improvement of your leg work. Among the most modern disciplines we find:
Cross training (cross training), training increases cardiovascular fitness.
Gym boxing classes, to work abs and glutes.
Lady boxing, which offers a smoother practice.
Adi boxing, halfway between boxing and fitness.
Ladies System Defense, courses where the mental and the physical come together.
Do a test session before committing to a particular discipline, because once in, your coaches will have only one goal: to help you improve.

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