They arrest a Mexican youtuber for kidnapping; demanded ransom in bitcoins


They arrest a Mexican youtuber for kidnapping; demanded ransom in bitcoins

The young man gave lectures on business development issues, now he remains under arrest

Germán Abraham Loera Acosta, a well-known Chihuahuanyoutuber and lecturer on business development issues, turned out to be part of the group of five kidnappers of the lawyer ThaniaDenisse Medina Rodríguez, who was kidnapped last Wednesday in the center of Chihuahua, reported the Attorney General of the State of This status.

According to a report by the authorities, the group of criminals led Abraham Loera would have demanded the payment of the ransom by means of a bank transfer of an equivalent amount in bitcoins, electronic currency used on the internet for digital commerce.

During the strategic operation, on Friday, March 2, the agents rescued the woman on MelchorGuaspe street, in the Dale neighborhood; While on the afternoon of that same day on Ciudad Hermosillo street, in the DíazOrdaz neighborhood, in the south of the city, they arrested the five alleged kidnappers, where they also recovered the amount of money that had been given to them as part of the economic requirement, this by elements of the Model Unit for Attention to the Crime of Kidnapping.

The detainees are: Juan Alfonso P. H, JesúsArnulfo OM, Edgar René ZR, Jassiel Omar MC and Germán Abraham Loera Acosta, originally from the municipalities of Guadalupe and Calvo and Guachochi.

In the operation they assured: They arrest a Mexican youtuber for kidnapping

Nissan Pathfinder pickup, cherry color, 1996 model, which was used for the deprivation of liberty of the victim.

Seat Ibiza car, model 2017, used to monitor the deprivation of liberty.

Cadillac, Escalade, 2007, used to monitor the release of the victim.

In addition, a handgun was seized and the cell phones from which the calls for financial demands were made.

According to the information obtained during the investigations, the leader of the criminal gang is Germán Abraham LA, who has several videos on the internet as a youtuber.

The detainees will be brought before the control judge of the Morelos Judicial District, to formulate charges for the crime of aggravated kidnapping.

KIDNAPPING: They arrest a Mexican youtuber for kidnapping

The facts of the kidnapping of the lawyer ThaniaDenisse Medina Rodríguez occurred on Wednesday, February 28 in the afternoon, when the professional was violently kidnapped on Segunda and Mariano Irigoyen streets, in the center of the city, near Lerdo Park.

According to the version of the witnesses, the lawyer was walking down the street when subjects carrying firearms intercepted her to force her into a brown Nissan Pathfinder pickup, whose driver fled.

The fact generated the mobilization of units of the different police corporations, but it was the State Attorney General’s Office who initiated the investigations, so from the day of the events they summoned relatives and friends of the lawyer to testify.

The kidnappers were carrying firearms when they forcibly took her away while she was walking, in a recent-model, brown Nissan pickup.

Agents of the Municipal and Single State Police attended the report and toured various sectors of the city.


The line between being an innovator in new business development concepts and crime is very thin, at least that is how Germán Abraham Loera Acosta, 23, who went from being a lecturer to an intern at Cereso’s Center for Social Readaptation , after being arrested as a member of a gang of kidnappers last Friday night.

Identified as the creator of Innlab, an innovative company and generator of great artistic and commercial projects, marketing, design and software, Loera Acosta was hired by various companies, public and private institutions to offer conferences on entrepreneurship. In the social network of videos and Twitter, he is identified with the name GermanLoeraMX.

As part of the video chats, a total of four videos are hosted on the internet on how to be an entrepreneur and innovate to be different from what already exists in the world and in the market.

One of the last events in which he participated as a lecturer was at the Meeting of Youth Leaders for Peace, with the theme: “Motivating the integral formation of youth”, held at the Cultural Center “Las Américas”, in Ecatepec, State from Mexico, to address issues around the integral formation of the human being, towards a culture of peace. The event was held on June 28, 2017.

There he said that he was originally from Guachochi, a small town deep in the Chihuahua mountains with less than 15 thousand inhabitants, and it was there where he defined his destiny as an entrepreneur and businessman, where his curiosity was born and led him to start small, but no less important, projects that were the basis of what he does today and will do in the future.

In his statement, he stated that he ran Innlab, a software development company, as well as being a lecturer and writer. In the next few hours Loera Acosta will be presented before a judge, in a hearing to control the detention and formulation of the accusation (imputation).


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