Tips for giving private lessons


Tips for giving private lessons

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“Most of us end up with five or six people who remember us. Teachers have thousands of people who remember them for the rest of their lives »- Andy Rooney
One-to-one tutoring for school support is increasingly in demand throughout the school year.  Between difficult math exercises, new chemistry concepts, and poorly understood English lessons, academic success can  be compromised  if the student doesn’t get extra help.
This is when tutoring and homework help classes can really  help! In effect, private teachers are those academic support figures who teach catch-up classes, help students to progress  or simply help them better understand the exercises that are sent to do at home.
From primary to selectivity,  academic difficulties are inevitable  and private classes can be  a very good way to improve. In fact, 44% of Spanish students receive private lessons to reinforce the education received in the classroom.
Do you also want to give private lessons? Well, here are all our tips to become a tutor for school support! Tips for giving private lessons


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