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Tips for losing weight with a personal trainer


Tips for losing weight with a personal trainer

There are many people who have the goal of losing weight. They believe that a simple diet is enough for them , starving, eating bland and boring dishes, without seeing any progress on the scale or on clothes. In the end, many end up throwing in the towel.
With regard to diet, it is recommended to drink a lot of water since it tends to fill the stomach and make people not eat as much. Of course, it is advisable to avoid carbohydrates and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.
But do not be too strict because in the end you will end up bingeing. If what you want is to lose those extra pounds, you will have to be clear about consuming fewer calories than you expend to help eliminate fat .
Your personal trainer will do a study of your body to understand it and to know what foods work best for you to achieve your goal.
The important thing is to find the balance: if, for example, you are looking to tone your body and build muscles, your personal trainer will surely include a weight training to build muscle mass and eliminate the fat that covers the muscles.
If you gain muscle mass, your resting metabolism speeds up, which means you burn more calories throughout the day.
However, if you have a lot of fat to lose, your coach will probably plan a program for you that combines cardio and strength training. Although they are intense exercises, when combined, it will allow you to work numerous muscle groups while working the cardio.
Of course, you have to flee from a sedentary lifestyle and seek motivation to play sports . You don’t have to spend five hours in the gym to lose weight, you just have to do intense exercise.
The personal trainer is often an expert in nutrition so he can design a specialized program to lose weight combining sports and diet. How about?
Never lose motivation.
The  motivation is a psychological construct that activates and directs our behavior, ie, an impulse that moves us to do things because we are in the mood to do so. This impulse is reflected, after all, in what moves us to do things and that makes us commit to fulfilling what we want to propose, as well as the intensity with which we do it.
Although the personal trainer encourages us to continue and to make an effort, it will be necessary that there is some positive reinforcement always based on the achievement of the objectives (or secondary objectives). In fact, achieving goals contributes to increased effectiveness, motivation, and confidence.
Don’t forget to make sport a habit and a way of life.
On the other hand, when your coach does the initial interview with you, they are not only looking to get to know you but also if you present some of the main factors that can hinder weight loss , such as the following:
Traveling often for work reasons.
Eating out due to lack of time.
Lead a frenetic pace of life.
Not playing sports or wanting to practice it.
Lack of motivation to exercise and diet.
Spend the time you need and do not look for excuses not to go and stay at home.
Of course, don’t expect miracles. This is a long-distance race, which requires perseverance and long-term, so your personal trainer will be there to support and encourage you at all times.
Don’t forget, wanting is power. Tips for losing weight with a personal trainer

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