tips for writing to a pen pal in English


tips for writing to a pen pal in English

Sometimes we believe that to progress faster in English, it is necessary to spend a fortune on English classes. However, this is not always true as there is a totally free way to perfect and improve the language of Shakespeare: communicate in English with an English-speaking pen pal.
In addition to getting to know each other and making a new friendship, talking often with a pen pal will help you set a goal that you will have to achieve and not lose your motivation to learn the language.

Visit an English-speaking country with a new friend.:  tips for writing to a pen pal in English

Thanks to your pen pal, you will be able to find a goal to learn English and, therefore, find the usefulness of this language : English will become more real and you will want to learn new words to express yourself with your friend.
By reading your friend’s correspondence, you will be able to learn typical expressions and words in English that you will gradually retain. Remember that spoken English is closer to reality compared to language classes, which tend to be more theoretical and different.
Of course, your friend will bring you closer to the Anglo-Saxon culture, you will discover what you eat, what you listen to music, what you see, what happens, what history it has had, etc.
When it comes to finding your pen pal, there are several options. For example, you can find it on social networks  (such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) or in the social centers of your city . You can also ask your English teacher (if you have one) to provide you with a contact. In schools and academies, teachers can offer you the chance to meet other English-speaking people for an exchange close to home.
If they do not offer it, you can also ask or inquire on a website dedicated to language exchange. Post your ad to grab the attention of your future  penfriend.
Once you have found a pen pal, all you have to do is agree on how often you want to communicate. Try to find common hobbies that help build a true friendship between the two of you.
To move forward and converse in an increasingly simple way, you can make your own vocabulary cards and work on the agreement of verb tenses. Memorize new expressions made …

How can I find a friend by correspondence with whom I have a feeling and can communicate assiduously to improve my English?

As for the frequency, don’t be overwhelmed. Don’t set yourself an overly ambitious goal of writing to each other every day, although the more you talk, the faster you will progress. However, go little by little. The important thing is perseverance, as in everything, so do not leave it or want to throw in the towel. Find your ideal English pen pal and work with this language every day of your life.
Consider the possibility of taking an immersion course to meet you, discover the country and lifestyle of your pen pal, and offer them the opportunity to spend a few days at your home if things go smoothly.
Beyond analyzing the texts with a magnifying glass, take the time you need to discover the use of fluent English while chatting and visiting the most beautiful places in other English-speaking countries.
Going abroad will allow you to immerse yourself in the practice of the language . There is nothing more effective for learning English (British English, American English or another variety).

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