Top 10 tips for going to study in Arab countries


Top 10 tips for going to study in Arab countries

Going to an Arab-Muslim country, the Persian Gulf or one of the Maghreb countries should not be done without knowing the possible risks.
Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates: one of the most desired destinations for tourists when it comes to learning Arabic.
In fact, the countries of the Middle East and North Africa are sometimes dangerous and have very bad press since the Arab Spring movements against leaders Ben Ali, Mubarak, Gaddafi and Bashar El Assad, and especially since these countries are caught in armed conflicts and Islamic terrorism.

The Arab League countries and areas to avoid are: Top 10 tips for going to study in Arab countries

Border areas
The non-littoral part of Algeria
Western egypt
On the other hand, the safest countries are Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, the Sultanate of Oman and, to a lesser extent, Jordan, eastern Egypt and Lebanon.
Before leaving, we recommend you take an intensive Arabic course to be able to function well once there : you can look for private tutors with Superprof or in an Institute of Arab Studies.
Arabic speakers are sometimes French-speaking, in Lebanon and the Maghreb, or English-speaking, but it will be better to speak Arabic to be able to cope with all situations.

Here is our list of tips for the Arab world :

Take Arabic classes.
Know which city to go to study Arabic.
Check the level of surveillance in the Arab and Muslim “world”.
Apply for a student visa.
Apply for a scholarship and / or student credit, if applicable.
Find an apartment to live.
Compare and buy a plane ticket.
Subscribe to international health insurance.
Collect essential documents (passport, visa, driver’s license, admission letters, etc.).
Notify the Spanish authorities.
Take an interest in local social codes to respect the traditions of the Arab culture and the Muslim religion.
One thing is for sure: a one-year stay in an Arabic-speaking country will make you see that the forms of solidarity are even stronger in Arab countries than in Western Europe.

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