Truancy and fear of going back to class


Truancy and fear of going back to class

Parents continue to have many doubts about going back to school and their greatest concern is the contagion of their children and that they infect the family (which can have people at risk), so there are currently many families who are afraid to take their children to school .

Children need to socialize.: Truancy and fear of going back to class

It is normal to have doubts in these times and to think that the measures that educational centers have adopted are insufficient. It is mandatory for parents to educate their children and the regulations stipulate this as a possible crime of family abandonment with the consequence of losing parental authority, but it is also true that it is difficult to apply in exceptionally serious situations , such as this one.
However, you should know that truancy has many negative consequences and that, therefore, it is not advisable for children and adolescents to stay at home for a long time.
The students, after spending 6 months without face-to-face classes due to confinement and after the summer holidays, are eager to go back to classes, reconnect with their classmates and teachers and socialize with them. If it is normally a moment long awaited by all of them, this year it is even more so.
This socialization is very important for them to develop values ​​such as companionship, coexistence and empathy, in addition to their communication, psychomotor, problem-solving skills and even their curiosity and imagination.
In addition, going back to class will also help them learn to respect all the security measures that must be adopted in these times so that the pandemic does not spread. If they are isolated from others, they will not know how to adopt them and they will not do well once they interact with people.

The importance of going back to school

As we said, going back to school is very important for children to meet their emotional needs, learn essential values, develop their skills and learn to respect safety measures.
Not all children have access to a computer or the Internet.
But that is not the only reason why it is convenient for students to return to schools.
On the one hand, teachers also need to get back to normal after having spent a few saturated months and trying to solve the many problems that online classes have caused, since no one was prepared for this sudden situation.
They have been trying very hard, getting involved as much as they could and researching all the options so that the teaching was of quality and that the children were not left behind. Even so, everything was much more complicated due to the notable drop in the students’ commitment to study and the lack of vigilance on the part of the teacher.
Therefore, going back to school, as long as it is safe, will also be beneficial for teachers, who have been faced with many complications to exercise their profession correctly.
Another of the great problems of online classes is the digital divide , which is much more evident in developing countries. In Spain, there are about one hundred thousand households with children that do not have an Internet connection, which makes many students fall behind and even consider dropping out of school.

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