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What equipment is at your disposal in the gyms?


What equipment is at your disposal in the gyms?

At first, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of machines available in your gym, but you will quickly learn to use them.
Abs, buttocks, thighs, biceps, pectorals … in sports centers you can work every muscle in your body, including the heart. Why? Because today there are machines designed solely and exclusively for this, we increasingly have more specialized equipment adapted to the needs of each person.
Explaining all the types of machines on the market would be endless. However, we have selected the most common so that you have an overview of what you can find to work your body. The best-selling sports equipment brands are Technogym and Matrix.
First of all, we always have cardio machines in all gyms, which will also help us to strengthen muscle. Among these types of machines we find exercise bikes, spinning bikes , elliptical trainers , exercise bikes with backrest, treadmills … a whole series of equipment to move the legs and the heart. Its use is highly recommended for weight loss.
Likewise, you will have access to multiple machines to tone and increase the muscles of the legs, such as the leg press for the quadriceps, abductors and hamstrings. The booty builder will help you achieve a toned and rounded ass in a few weeks.
To work your abs, you have the option of doing several sets of sit-ups on a mat, but there is also a machine designed for this: the abdominal crunch . Easy to use, it will allow you to show off a good chocolate bar. However, be careful how you position your arms as you can damage the joints.
In summary, there are many machines for sculpting the upper part of the body , such as:
Arm Curl : biceps.
Wide Chest Press : pecs and triceps.
Shoulder Press : shoulders.
Vertical Traction : back.
Chest Press : pecs, delts, and triceps.
Low Row : back.
Low Back : back (kidney area).
Arm Extension : triceps.
Rotary Torso : abs.
With all these machines, it is impossible not to find those with which you feel most comfortable. Obviously, you can also work the upper part on the weight benches and the weightlifting zone. What equipment is at your disposal in the gyms?

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