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What is microeconomics?

Behavioral economics is an economic theory that holds that individuals do not always make rational economic decisions.
While macroeconomics analyzes the performance of the economy as a whole, microeconomics studies the economy from a perspective ” from the  bottom up .”
One of the most important figures in the study of microeconomics is Alfred Marshall, a prominent 19th century economist.
The area of ​​microeconomics continues to be a  subject of enormous importance  in the study of economics. Economists who specialize in this area analyze topics as diverse as:

Influences on the supply and demand; What is microeconomics?

Fluctuations in  employment levels; Y
The efficiency of production and manufacturing.
However, that does not mean that there are not other areas within the field of economics that are gaining importance. In particular, another school of thought, known as behavioral economics, which includes behavioral finance, is gaining in prominence as it sets out to  challenge traditional economic schools of thought.
In particular, behavioral economics argues that man does not inherently make economically rational decisions. This contradicts the views of classical and neoclassical economists, who tend to create economic models on the basis that  human beings make rational decisions.
Issues such as microeconomics and macroeconomics will remain very relevant in economics courses in the coming years, so it is imperative that any economics student is  comfortable with microeconomics .
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