What is the ideal path to become a German teacher?


What is the ideal path to become a German teacher?

The repertoire of languages ​​offered as the  first foreign language  in the different educational stages generally includes German, French and English, with English being the   preferred foreign language.
The offer of a  second foreign language  is usually required for educational centers, and optional for students. Although it begins to be offered in the third cycle of Primary Education, the most frequent is that it is offered in Compulsory Secondary Education. The repertoire of languages ​​offered as a second foreign language varies between two and five languages, the most widely offered being  French .
Therefore, in general, students choose English as their first foreign language and the majority of students who choose a second foreign language as an elective choose French, although  more and more students choose German  as their second language.
The ideal is to study German from Primary.
If you have been clear from a young age that you want to  dedicate yourself to teaching German , do not hesitate to choose this language as your first or second foreign language in Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate. Thus, when you leave the institute you will already have  a good base of German  to follow your ideal path to become a teacher of German by pursuing university degrees related to the language.
This would be the ideal path , but given that German has only recently entered the classroom, it is obviously not essential.

University degrees to become a German teacher: What is the ideal path to become a German teacher?

There are many options, but in this article we are going to analyze two of the university degrees in German : the Degree in German Studies and the Degree in Spanish-German Studies.
The Degree in German Studies is  much more oriented to teaching  than the Degree in Spanish-German Studies, which is more focused on the business world and international relations.
The latter focuses on learning both languages ​​in an  entirely professional context , with subjects such as economics, law, politics, history, communication sciences, etc. and does not give as much importance to the linguistic area of ​​the language.
The good thing about this degree is that you  spend half of the degree in Germany , which is a great advantage to give your German a boost and get to know the culture of the country.
On the contrary, the Degree in German Studies will be much more theoretical and literary than practical, but it still seems the most suitable for teaching German in the future. In addition, with the  ERASMUS program at the University of Salamanca , you can also live in Germany or in another of the European countries where German is spoken (Austria, Luxembourg…) to improve your level quickly and soak up German culture.
Declines are considered to be one of the most difficult things in German.
Apart from these two degrees, you can find out about the other options that currently exist in Spain to pursue  university studies related to German : Degree in Philology: German Studies (Vitoria); Degree in Translation and Interpreting (various universities) or Degree in German Language and Literature (Seville).

Use the Internet to become a German teacher: What is the ideal path to become a German teacher?

If you want to learn German without having to travel to the country of beer and sausages, the Internet will be your best ally . Let’s see where you can learn German online for free without having to attend private lessons.
On the Internet, you will find many pages that can help you practice with exercises, understand German grammar, improve your listening comprehension by listening to German conversations, speaking with a native speaker, etc.
Here are some online tools that can help you improve your level:
Created by the Deutsche Welle television channel, this website offers, in addition to German news, a German course structured around the different levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages: A1, A2, A3, B1, B2 , C.
This page, which combines written lessons with audios and evaluation tests and is related to current events in Germany, is easy to use and you will be able to immerse yourself in German culture.

DeutschAkademie App

Completely free, the DeutschAkademie app is available on iOS and Android for mobiles and tablets.
With the aim of promoting the learning of German vocabulary , this application offers:
More than 20,000 grammar exercises.
Custom statistics to refine yourself.
The possibility of turning to a teacher to clarify your doubts.


MOOCs, new entrants to the educational world of online training, appear as an ideal way to improve your language skills.
Unfortunately, MOOCs for learning German , apart from not awarding a diploma, are difficult to find. However, the mooc-list.com platform brings together the most popular MOOCs today. Thanks to its search engine, you will be able to find the courses that interest you.

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